Monday, June 27, 2011

Recipe: Champorado

The perfect snack for a rainy day!

Champorado nowadays is so easy to make! Thanks to:

Just mix 1 sachet to 6 cups of water. You may use less than 6 cups if you want your champorado to be thicker. I prefer mine to be watery. Bring it to a boil then it’s ready to serve!

Oh, my secret to a more chocolatier champorado is this:
Bittersweet chocolate.
I add this a few minutes before my champorado is cooked.

We only add in sugar per serving. Di kasi pare-pareho ang “sweetness” levels namin eh, kaya KKT (kanya-kanya timpla). Don’t forget the milk then you’re ready for a warm and filling snack.
Pardon the lack of design. So excited to eat na kasi. ^_^

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