Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Finding Comfort in Rags/ Washcloths/ Basahan ^_^

So as not to be saddened further due to my previous entry, I’ll just make kwento about my little girl and her love for her wash cloths. J Ayan, I instantly liven up at the mention of my baby. Hehe!

I can’t understand why she loves holding on to her washcloths, or what we refer to as her “basahan”. She has this very strong bond with them.

When she wakes up in the middle of the night, she looks for her basahan then cries when she can’t find them. She’ll be comforted and will immediately go back to sleep when we hand her a basahan.

She won’t hold her feeding bottle because her hands are already occupied with a basahan.

Instead of a doll, the basahan became some sort of her security blanket.

Here's what I mean...
Amber at 6 months, 7 months. Notice that basahan that she tightly clings to? 8 months.

Very recently

She took all those basahans from our room 
and carried them with her downstairs.

Adik no? Nasapian ata ni Ate Vi itong anak ko.  J

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