Thursday, October 27, 2011

Have You Ever Fainted?

Can’t remember what we heard in the radio or what has been the topic that led to this conversation pero I just like to share how pilosopo amusing my husband is sometimes.

Me: Hindi mo naman talaga alam kung kelan ka hihimatayin e, basta feeling mo lang hilo ka then you’ll pass out before you knew it.

Elaborately... you’d feel nauseous, like everything around you is moving then you’ll be awakened by someone screaming and panicking and trying to hold you up for fear that your head might bang onto something.

Then you'd realize that the person screaming and holding you is your mother who you remembered talking to at the other side of the table.

Ganun yung experience ko weeks before I got married. I really passed out! First time in my entire life! Ganun pala yung feeling. I don't even know why I fainted. Sabi ni Nanay baka na-heat stroke ako, that was during the peak of summer kasi. I stopped wondering how it feels like fainting after that. ^_^

The Hubby was making remarks like he knows what it felt like, so I asked him if he experienced such.

Ang sagot...

Hubby: Malay ko? Pano ko pa malalaman kung nawalan na nga ako ng malay?


Me (with a daggering look): Nakakawalang-malay kang kausap minsan...

Anything With Blueberry

Since I haven’t gotten my hands on a Blueberry Cheesecake just yet... eto na muna:

Shempre it’s not comparable to the real cake pero for the sake of eating something with blueberry the quickest way, pwede na! Found this at the bread's section of Save More Supermarket.

No real blueberry inside? Sigh!

The cupcake is moist (a bit oily, I think?), and the filling tastes like blueberry naman. Bitin lang. L

AJTI 4: The House 2

Parang andami ko atang numbers sa title? Ah basta!

Update on this blog post...

The house is available!!! Yahoo!!! Me doing the chicken dance... and the moonwalk... and the running man!

Yesterday, my boss asked me to do some reports. Since late na at parang ayaw pa nya ko pakawalan pauwiin sa dami ng pinagagawa nya na parang wala nang bukas, I took in all the air my lungs can take then ask him about the house. Shempre, pa-casual lang. Echos!

Me: Boss, kamusta yung bahay mo sa Canyon Ranch?

Boss: Ok naman. Balak ko pagandahin talaga yun kaso wala pa kong time.


Hindi ko na mahintay na tanungin nya kung bakit ko tinanong!

Me: Vacant pa sha boss? Pwede pa rin ba kami tumira dun?

Then naglitanya na ko ng reasons why we decided to only transfer now and why it has been delayed. Di ba nga, last year pa nya in-offer yun.

Boss: Oo, pwede kayo dun. Kaya lang try not to bring in so much stuff. Medyo maliit kasi yung floor area. Mas maganda nga kung stackable yung mga gamit. Bahala na kayo sa modifications inside the house pero yung labas, wag lang gagalawin kasi may plano na ako kung pano pagagandahin.

**Ay, wag ka mag-alala boss, kahit yung loob, di namin gagalawin. Mahal magpa-renovate noh! Ikaw na bahala dun shemps! ** ^_^ 

I am sooooo happy! One major item down on our checklist! ^_^

May pahabol pa pala ko...

Me: Boss, baka naman may kakilalang yaya yung mga yaya mo?

Yeap, talagang tinodo ko na!

Boss: Ay, kelangan mo? Meron tiyak yun, sige, I’ll ask.

O, ikaw na ang may mabait na boss di ba?

Today's Words of Wisdom

... are taken from some movies with odd but really wise characters!

“There is a saying: yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift. That is why it is called the “present”.”  - Grand Master Oogway to Po (Kung Fu Panda)

Master Oogway is now my favorite character!

Please join the ranks of Jedi Master Yoda –
“Fear is the path to the Dark Side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering. I sense much fear in you.”  -Master Yoda to Anakin (The Phantom Menace)

Wala lang, parang mashado lang akong matuwain sa mga 'cute' na characters! ^_^

The Evolution of Video Formats

The Hubby’s mention of Betamax last night led me to this entry.

Younger generations might just know of Betamax as the street food made of grilled coagulated chicken blood in a skewer. Hey, I’ve tried this once in my life and it wasn’t at all that bad. It’s surprisingly flavorful! But that was it, I will never have the courage to do that again.

Ok, back to the video formats...

I have so little recollection of Betamax as I was very young or wasn't even born yet when it gained popularity. I just recalled the elders enjoy watching a movie from a “Betamax”. I don’t even know what is that they are calling Betamax. So for the young ones, here's how a Betamax Tape looked like...

After that, VHS...

Then Laserdisc, which I never had the chance to meet. It wasn't as popular as it’s succeeding formats. Probably because of its size?

What came close to our hearts, the VCD.
A CD (right) compared to a Laserdisc (left)

Then it’s higher density version, the DVD...

Now comes the Blu-ray Disc...

There must be tons of formats and different versions that came out in between but these are the ones that I am familiar with. I’m not a techie person so to speak so I can't really give specifics about each of them aside from what is already obvious. ^_^

It’s just fun to run down the different video forms that I’ve lived with. Makes me feel quite old! 

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Official Business Side Trip

Hola! I just came back from Festival Mall... official business po iyun. :-P

I attended a seminar carried out by the BIR entitled Year-end Adjustments on Withholding Tax on Compensation. Opo, kina-karir ko na din ang pagiging accountant! Ngunit, subalit, datapwat... hindi ako accountant. Isa po akong "All-around Employee" -- Yan na ang bago kong job title.

This is what happens when the business gets tough. We can’t hire additional staff to do specific jobs. Kami-kami na lang. So we have to be super uber diversified. Multi-tasking to the highest level!

But that is not what this blog is for. I want to share my newest loots for Amber!!!

Eh kasi I remembered that I need to buy her skirts and shorts to pair with the shirts that her Tita-Ninang Tin sent her. Would I let go of that opportunity, eh nasa mall na ako? At... malaking AT... sale daw sa Robinson’s Department Store sabi nung ads nila sa labas. ^_^

So I used some of my official business time to look around and voila! Here’s what I got...
2 skirts and a short! ^_^

I love this! Kung meron lang available sa size ko, I would've bought it too!
Got this at P200 na lang, 50% off.

I find this so kikay. Layers of ruffles galore! Priced at P169. 

Nice the color no? Also P200, 50% off again.

Can't wait for her to try these on!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A Well-behaved Amber

Mama can’t get over telling me how well-behaved Amber is. She is really happy to see that the little girl is very polite and well-mannered at her age of 2 years and 4 months. Well, I feel proud but I should not take all the credits, Tita Renee has been a very big help!

Except for the occasional tantrums, which can easily be subdued, I can pretty much say that she is indeed a very good kid.

Mama has been away for 6 months. It seemed like a very short time but long enough for a child to grow and develop. When she left, Amber can only say a few words. She is surprised at how talkative the little girl has become.

She told me that yesterday, when a delivery guy came to deliver the drinking water, Amber told him, “Thank you po... thank you!”.

Last Sunday, Mama’s sister, Tita Let came for a visit with a toy for Amber. She kept on thanking her for the present. When Tita Let was about to leave, Amber even went outside to send her off, she waved at her and said, “Ba-bay Tita Let, ingat po. Ba-bay! See you again.”. Tita Let was just very happy hearing Amber like that.

I hope and pray that she grows up to be a very nice person and that she remains to be as pleasant and well-mannered. ^_^

Happy & proud Mommy,

Trapped In An Elevator

Exciting!!! Nakakaloka! Surprisingly, I didn’t fret. Madami naman kami sa loob kaya okay lang. And the facilities and maintenance people were quick to rescue us so it wasn’t a worrisome experience at all. Good thing we just got to the 2nd floor when it happened, imagine if it has gone up to the higher levels tas saka sha nagkaganun? Buti na lang 7th floor lang office namin. Pero mataas na din yun noh! O kaya naman, ako lang yung sakay? Ay, dun na ko nenerbyosin!

I remember having the same experience when I was about 3 - 4 years old. Yes, I already have a recollection at that age. Of some things lang naman, mostly those that are still being talked about once in a while.

I was trapped in an elevator at the Makati Medical Center. My Nanay used to work there and she brought me there a lot. I have so many doctors and nurses friends! Madalas, I go with them during rounds. Ok naman, enjoy. Pag wala yung mga tropa kong duktor at nurses, you would see me pagala-gala sa 4th & 5th floors. ^_^

In one of my escapades inside an elevator, na-trap ang bulilit! I can vividly recall how the elevator doors opened. Pagbukas nya, yung flooring naka-level sa ilong ko. The elevator stopped mid-floors. At dahil ako ang pinaka-cute (okey, fayn, pinaka-maliit), I was scooped out first.

I could hear people inside hyperventilating. Some were asking for doctors. Ako? Parang naglalaro lang. When they put me down, I bounced and ran towards the stairs to look for Nanay. Parang walang nangyari, malay ko ba?

So ayun... wala lang... the experience earlier just reminded me of some bits and pieces from my childhood. ^_^

Weekend Tripping

No, this post is not connected with my AJTI series. I just have to share pictures (tons of them!) from our house tripping experience last Saturday. ^_^

What led us to Avida Settings Nuvali?

The Hubby’s friend who is about to migrate in Canada with his family, offered him their lot in Avida Settings. The very interested Hubby asked me if I want to check it out. Eh shempre kahit wala sa timing ngayon ang idagdag sa gastusin ang land mortgage, go ako! Galaan kaya yun! Saka I love looking at model houses!

So since nasa Muntinlupa kami that time because we visited Nanay and the Hubby biked in Sta. Rosa that morning, off we went to Nuvali in the afternoon with Nanay and Amber in tow.

The roads going there from Sta. Rosa is very serene and almost secluded. You can see that the place has only been recently developed. No problem if you have a car but it would cause a little inconvenience if none. Parang wala pa kasing public transportation that passes by that area.

Anyhoo, we were escorted by a security officer to the property because we didn't know where the exact location is. The Hubby liked it because it is situated facing the perimeter fence of the village. Maganda daw yun para walang katapat. I had apprehensions though. Eh pano kung pasukin ng mga lawless yun, you are the easiest target dahil andun na agad yung bahay mo. The Hubby views it differently. Mas maluwag daw kasi pwede mo sakupin yung harap (ay, land-grabber in the making ba itong asawa ko???).

I didn’t take pictures of the property because you won’t see much kundi talahib. But the girl enjoyed her strolling in the street...
Pardon the teeth, niubos nya kasi yung cowhead biscuit ko! 
Kaya mukha shang nag-nganga ng chocolate.
At her back is already the perimeter wall. At ang daan na yan ang 
gustong i-land-grab ng asawa ko!
Before my very long introduction ends, let me also add that unlike other villages, the developer allows you to have your own lay-out of the house as long as it conforms to their standard exteriors – color, roofing, glass window panels... Oh diba masaya? You are not restricted when it comes to house designs? At pwede ka pa kumuha ng sarili mong contractor. I never thought that’s how lenient they are especially if you see the houses. Mukha kasi silang pare-pareho from afar. I only noticed that they are not when I saw the model houses. Because of that, malaking check sila sakin! ^_^

Oh, here goes na the pictures. Warning though, this is a very picture-heavy post! Too late for a warning, I know! ^_^

Let's start off with the first and biggest model house they've got in their standard design - The THEA house:

I love that there are windows on both sides of the bed!

Do you like this house, Amber? No?
*whisper* She doesn't like it here that much despite the space...

Then, the smallest - The CELENA house:

Cute nung dining chairs, pang country side ang dating!

Gusto ko talaga nitong sliding door ek-ek! Ano ba tamang term dito?

It has a common room to make up for having only 1 bedroom.

View when seated at the common room sofa.

This is the house that I liked the most! The size of the MAIA house goes in between the former houses. I just love what the interior designers did to this model house! They made the house look so maaliwalas despite its size. 

Bagay sila sa house di ba? Hmmm, good sign! Haha!

Todo "welcome" ang drama ng nanay ko. ^_^

I love the glass windows!

...and the dining area, too!

My favorite part of the house! Lalo na kung may bonggang
backyard landscape! Di na ko aalis ng bahay! Promise!

O-ha! The little girl is interested in cooking...
Go anak! Itayo mo ang hindi maitayong bandila ni Mommy!

Let's see the rooms upstairs...  
Excuse us, daddy...

Hmmm, I like the master bedroom of the Thea House more.

This one kasi is so claustrophobic!

I had to include this shot kasi dito lang ako may picture!

I am so putting decals on Amber's room!


Relak na relak ang mag-lola!

At home na at home!

"Mommy, I want to live here na! Kasi the furniture are so nice!"
Err, teka anak, nadadaan yan sa maayos na pag-uusap. ^_^ 

There you go! Our tripping experience in Avida Settings, Nuvali. Sorry po, I don't have their numbers in case anyone becomes interested. Duh, I should have asked! Baka sakaling maka-finder's fee. Harharhar!

By the way, the father and daughter took a few more rounds strolling the streets around the model houses. Kasi Amber does not want to go in the car yet. :-(

Ayan, lakad-lakad lang sila until the sun sets. Ang presko dito, promise! ^_^

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