Monday, July 30, 2012

Playful Weekend

Finally! After several weeks, Daddy was able to fulfil one of his promises to his daughter – to bring her to one of those play rooms you find in malls, I’m not sure what exactly they’re called. ^_^

We can say that Amber really had a great time!

Funny lang kasi all she ever wanted in the past weeks was to play on slides. There were 2 slides inside the room and she never went to play with either of them. Not even if Daddy went up the slides with her. Ewan ko kung bakit.

But she played inside the pool filled with balls and with all the toys around her.

Her favorite part of the play room is this house:

She stayed inside it most of the time. She picked all the toys she liked and brought it inside the house and played there all by herself. Loner ata itong anak ko. L But I hope it’s just because being the only child at home, she is used to playing alone. I’m sure she’ll get over it and will be as sociable as she can be in time.

The only time she left the house was when other kids went to play in there too. She didn’t like that it’s beginning to crowd.

When it’s time to go, Daddy had a hard time convincing the little girl to leave. They even played hide 'n seek...

So Daddy made another promise to go there again next week (hala!). ^_^

~Wonder why there weren't so many pictures to document Amber's first play yard experience? Blame it to Daddy who was still half-asleep that time because of an office activity slash drinking session the previous night. LOL~

The Supposed School Uniform - Fail!

We went around SM Fairview in search of jogging pants that students use in their PE. I thought it would be better for Amber to wear jogging pants to keep her legs from being an inviting sight for mosquitoes and to prevent scratches na din while she runs and plays in school.

After hours of searching, we find these, only in Surplus at P199.75/ea:

Okay na di ba? Although the colors are limited, I was happy about its quality kasi it has linings pa saka the fabric is really nice.

Sadly, Amber didn’t want to wear it because according to her, (1) it’s pangit; (2) it’s not as cute as her other clothes; and (3) it makes her look tabaching-ching.


My eyebrows raised so high that it almost kissed my hairline! Just when and where did she learn about fashion?

And she finds herself looking ‘tabaching-ching’?!? Eh ano na lang si Mommy?!? From now on, I’ll be banning magazines with skinny models in the household! See its effect on my 3-year old? Tsk-tsk!

And oh! She now picks her clothes. She doesn’t wear clothes that she finds pangit and dull. DUH! ;-/

Let It Snow!

So that Amber can wear this cute Airwalk snow boots that cousin Chloe gave her! ^_^
Isn't that cute? ^_^

I’ve been wanting to buy her a pair of boots before we went to HK early this year because I always find toddlers in boots so adorably cute! But the ekonomista in me thought that it would not be a good buy if you’re living in a tropical country. And for me, what’s not sulit is a no-buy!

Then, came a package with this nice pair of boots. Good thing it has been raining here almost every day so she can enjoy wearing them. The weather can sometimes be very cooperative!

"Thank you, Cousin Chloe... thank you, Tita Tin! Looking forward to receiving that pair of Crocs you bought for me, teehee! I love you both!"

Friday, July 27, 2012

I-Must-Go Local Destinations

Since travelling is somewhat unlikely for us for the rest of this year because of so many reasons, which concerns me a lot :’-( , I’ll just amuse myself by making a list (and checking it twice) of where I want to go in the not so near future. So that when the opportunity of local travel comes, I am more than ready with an itinerary! Mabuti na yung prepared!

I’ve been wanting to go there for so long. Why? Because I want to see the tarsiers. In.The.Flesh. I feel like it has been my life-long wish to see and touch them. Ewan ko ba, mashado akong attracted kay Yoda and the likes! Hahaha! I’m glad I was married to my husband who is physically nowhere near Yoda and the likes. Hehe! ^_^

Ilocos Norte (Pagudpod, Vigan, etc)
I want to have pictures with the windmills and the sand dune. Yung pang-poster na pictures. Tapos ipapa-enlarge ko yun, ipapa-frame! Isasabit sa living room ng future house namin! 

I've never been a beach or an outdoor person but hearing so much about how beautiful Palawan is, I’m willing to explore the outdoors!

Para kasing ako na lang ang hindi nakakarating sa Cebu. L

I want to experience its renowned tranquillity. Aside from the fact that I am so amazed with their several honesty stores. Those you just drop your payment in a jar for whatever trinkets you wish to take home. Saka a lot says that the place is really beautiful.

I know that Davao is more popular because of Durian but I'll go there because of their Pomelos. Yes, I’ll drown myself with lots of sweet and juicy Pomelos, and enjoy the wonderful tourist spots... while eating Pomelo!  

That’s it for now. Hmmm, wonder how long before I can cross them out from my list. 8-/

Amber's Idea of an Indoor Slide

The Hubby had a job interview last Saturday in BGC and since we were scheduled to go to Nanay that same day, Amber and I tagged along so we can proceed to Nanay's after the interview.

Plan is for the Hubby to drop us at a nearby McDonald's or Jollibee with a play yard because Amber has been bugging us about wanting to play on a slide.  But it was raining so hard that day so we were contained inside the car in the parking lot while Hubby went in for his interview.

That didn’t dampen Amber’s spirit though. She was still able to play slides with glee inside the car while it rained cats and dogs outside! 

Big thanks to the recliner! ^_^
*sorry for the blurry photos, seemed like my camera-phone went in sync with the stormy-cloudy weather*

Yellow Light Means Go Faster

“Great driving, Daddy!”, Amber said after Daddy has managed to cross an intersection a second before the yellow light turns red.

Tsk! Tsk! Kunsintidorang anak!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Fun DIY: Amber’s Grooming Kit Decoupage

Upon enrollment, we were asked by Amber's teacher to prepare a grooming kit for her. The kit will contain basic grooming items such as: powder, baby cologne, soap, hand towel, big towel, extra clothes, toothbrush and toothpaste.

To add a personal touch, I decided to make a little decoupage project on Amber's grooming kit. Here are the materials I used:
Plastic container, Elmer's glue, paintbrush, scissors and Art Papers

For the decoupage glue, I added 2 parts of glue to 1 part water. The usual mixture I guess is 1:1 but I wanted my mixture to be thicker so it would dry quickly.

At first, I have collected flower cliparts from the internet and hoped to print them but our printer at home broke down on me so I thought of using art paper cut-outs instead.

Just stick the art paper, which I cut into flower shapes, to the container, apply decoupage glue all over it using a paintbrush, let it dry, then it's done! Easy-peasy!

Not bad,... I think. ^_^

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Recipe: Bacon-Wrapped Prawns ala Nanay

This is one of Nanay’s experimental recipe that turned out yum-yum. After all, what will go wrong with prawns and bacon? ^_^

What you will need:
-6 pieces of Prawns, devein and remove the shells leaving only the head and tail.
-6 strips of Bacon
-Butter for cooking
-Magic Sarap Seasoning (optional)
-Salt and Pepper to taste

How to do it (this phrase reminds me of Amber as she copies Carla Abellana’s line in that Palmolive shampoo commercial, “How do I do it?” ^_^):
-Season prawns with salt and pepper. You can season it instead with Magic Sarap for a more flavorful version.
-Wrap each prawn with a strip of bacon, using a toothpick to secure ends.
-In a non-stick skillet, heat butter and arrange the bacon-wrapped prawns. Fry until the prawns turn orange and the bacon turns golden brown. Turn and cook the other side.

Perfect with a steaming white rice. ^_^

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