Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Recipe: Bacon-Wrapped Prawns ala Nanay

This is one of Nanay’s experimental recipe that turned out yum-yum. After all, what will go wrong with prawns and bacon? ^_^

What you will need:
-6 pieces of Prawns, devein and remove the shells leaving only the head and tail.
-6 strips of Bacon
-Butter for cooking
-Magic Sarap Seasoning (optional)
-Salt and Pepper to taste

How to do it (this phrase reminds me of Amber as she copies Carla Abellana’s line in that Palmolive shampoo commercial, “How do I do it?” ^_^):
-Season prawns with salt and pepper. You can season it instead with Magic Sarap for a more flavorful version.
-Wrap each prawn with a strip of bacon, using a toothpick to secure ends.
-In a non-stick skillet, heat butter and arrange the bacon-wrapped prawns. Fry until the prawns turn orange and the bacon turns golden brown. Turn and cook the other side.

Perfect with a steaming white rice. ^_^

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