Friday, July 20, 2012

Fun DIY: Amber’s Grooming Kit Decoupage

Upon enrollment, we were asked by Amber's teacher to prepare a grooming kit for her. The kit will contain basic grooming items such as: powder, baby cologne, soap, hand towel, big towel, extra clothes, toothbrush and toothpaste.

To add a personal touch, I decided to make a little decoupage project on Amber's grooming kit. Here are the materials I used:
Plastic container, Elmer's glue, paintbrush, scissors and Art Papers

For the decoupage glue, I added 2 parts of glue to 1 part water. The usual mixture I guess is 1:1 but I wanted my mixture to be thicker so it would dry quickly.

At first, I have collected flower cliparts from the internet and hoped to print them but our printer at home broke down on me so I thought of using art paper cut-outs instead.

Just stick the art paper, which I cut into flower shapes, to the container, apply decoupage glue all over it using a paintbrush, let it dry, then it's done! Easy-peasy!

Not bad,... I think. ^_^


  1. Wow! I love the flowers :) Biruin mo sis, meron ka palang tinatago na creative juice. hehe.
    Sana for real na to ha?! I sooo miss your kwento!

  2. cute! I'm used to using box for my daughter for her grooming kit.


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