Friday, September 30, 2011

I’m Doomed!

Well, not really doom-doom. That’s a bit OA, I know. But I want to exaggerate! ^_^

In one of my surprisingly not-so-busy time in the office, Tita Renee called. After several blah-dah, she decided to suddenly drop the bomb at me. She asked if we can find someone else to look after Amber because she wants to take a rest. And we have to do that ASAP.

Is before that phonecall what you call ‘calmness before the storm’? A moment of stillness that always ends up with a tsunami, hurricane and the likes? ^_^

At least this one is like a storm signal number 1 lang. Still, I think I’m having a migraine attack.

She added that she has always wanted to talk to me about taking a vacation but she just couldn’t say so while the Hubby is around, afraid that he’ll get mad. Hala Daddy, you have an incredible hulk impression pala on Tita! Hahaha!  

So ayun, we have to look for a yaya ASAP.

I admit that Tita is not getting any younger. She frequently complains of back and muscle aches which are expected at her age. I tried my best to provide her medicines but those are only temporary relief. If she wants a time to rest, it’s not right naman to deny her that di ba?

Aside from looking for a reliable and trustworthy yaya, I also worry about Amber. She is very close to Tita. I already imagine her looking for Tita every day as she tries to getting used to the new yaya. Hope we can find one really soon.

Now, I have to take the Hubby out for a date and make him relax a little before I bring up the bad news. You see, he is so stressed lately with work so I don't want this matter to become another stressor. ^_^

As for the new yaya, I know someone out there is meant for us. Now is your time to come to us! Pleeeeease?  

Argh! I need a blueberry cheesecake and dark mocha frappuccino! 


No, not the Hubby... the bakeshop!

I didn’t know that they have a branch in Timog!!!

This is what makes me excited whenever the Hubby has a trip to San Fernando, Pampanga. Sure is, I’ll have a pack or 2 of puto pao from Nathaniel’s. Love those!

Now, eating puto pao doesn’t have to be at the mercy of the Hubby's trip schedule... Nathaniel’s is in the Metro! Or has been for quite some time, late lang ako sa info! ^_^

Nathaniel's Bakeshop
ITC Commercial Complex,
Panay corner Timog Avenue, QC
Tel# 332-1305

Goody Gulp Spongebob

Saw this in the supermarket and I just can’t help not to bring some home for the little girl who is so fascinated with the yellow spongy character.

At the back, you can see some trivia about what makes Spongebob! ^_^

It tasted pretty much like the chocolatey milk drink that we grew up with. This one only has the fun packaging that really catches every Spongebob-loving mommy kid’s attention.

Cardiac and Shotgun Hills

Been a while since my last kwento about Hubby’s biking adventure. His weekly routine now includes biking. That motivates him to get up at 5:30AM during weekends. Imagine that... him, waking up that early on a weekend? That makes me sooo glad that I don’t know how to bike. Thus, he can’t force me to wake up that early and go with him, teehee!

The 2 famous (among bike enthusiasts) biking trails he has gone to were in Sta. Rosa and San Mateo. Wonder why they are both named after saints, hmmm... I hope they are really there to watch over them bikers! ^_^

The trail in Sta. Rosa, Laguna is more popularly called Cardiac Hill. Why the name? I asked the Hubby and he replied, “It can give you a cardiac arrest!”. Toinkz! Hindi ko na kaya payagang mag-bike to?!?

He was amused at his own comment and probably sensed what I was about to say when he corrected himself and said that the trail can really give you a heart-pumping ride. Hmmm, that I guess, I’ll never know... ^_^

The first time he dared the trails of Cardiac Hill was last Aug-29. We left the house very early because he still has to drop me and Amber to Nanay’s house. When we were just about to go out of SM Homes, a red car passed by with 3 mountain bikes in tow. The Hubby didn’t know them but they both honked to acknowledge each other. I find the gesture between bikers very nice.

It turned out that they were also heading to the Cardiac Hill. In Sta. Rosa, they approached the Hubby the moment he parked his car and invited him to ride with them. Good for the Hubby as his supposed biking partner for that day begged off due to the bad weather.

Here, with a different set of friends:

San Mateo’s trail naman is called Shotgun. I never bothered to ask anymore why it’s called that way! With the Hubs, are his newfound biking friends:
Hubby's first time in Shotgun.

...and they call that FUN?

At the famous Aling Tina's Eatery.

Ready to go home!

Hubby said it's not too late for me to learn but I'd rather not. Maybe I would if I was younger? But I have long before accepted that I'm not an outdoor person. By the way, and I'm saying it again... you, who told me that I will never learn to bike unless I suffer from ugly scars... I blame my not knowing how to bike on you big time! :-P

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Hush Mommy

Kaloka ‘tong si Amber, she was testing her limits yesterday by touching things she is not allowed to. 

When I called her attention, she turned to me, had her index finger over her lips and said, “Shhh, wag ingay mommy... wa-yet (quiet) lang”.

Ano daw??? Tama ba yun?!?!?!?

My Future Singer

I regret not being able to take a video of Amber as she sang during bedtime last night. It was by far the loudest and longest! I was too tired to stand and get my cellphone. But there will still be next time, I’m sure! And I hope I’ll have any recorder within reach when it happens.

I am convinced that she will be a singer one day. With all the howling singing she’s doing. I’m surprised that no one in the neighborhood has come to our door and complained just yet. ^_^

Have I said that she can already sing the alphabet?

***Stage mom alert!***

Yes, she can! Including the last phrase that says, “Now I know my ABC...”. Though when it comes to the L, M, N part, she says “El-lel-lem”. Makes me wonder sometimes if there is a new letter in the alphabet.J And of course, W is still “alulu”.

There are times she puts notes in our names, giving it a rhyming sound when she calls us – Daah-deeee-yeeee-yeee... Mah-meeee-eeee-yeee... Ah-ti-Keeeeeyt...

Oftentimes, she sings her own 'composition' of random words. Words she recently learned of. She doesn't make sense but who cares? As long as she feels, and it seemed to us, that she sings from her heart.

And her facial expression as she sings... tatalunin si Sylvia La Torre! I know, I must have this on video! I will one day... I must!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

DIY: Personalized Pillow Case

A project inspired by Maqui’s Monogram Pillowcase. But for this project, instead of doing a monogram, I sewed all the letters in Amber’s name! Pretty tough for someone’s first time to sew! ^_^

Like Maqui said, you can either make your own or use any store-bought pillowcases. I used Amber’s old pillowcase for this project.

I'm so happy that I finally found where to buy this felt cloth. Been looking for it for so long. I was in the ribbons section of SM City in Makati buying ribbons for Ynakee's candles when I, just testing my luck, asked the saleslady if they, by any chance, have felt cloths and lo and behold... there they were, rolled up in 1/4 yards, in different colors! I bought orange, red and purple, which is the one I used for this project.

So, I traced the letters on the wrong side of the felt cloth, cut and pinned them on the pillowcase.

The 'fun' begins after that! I wish I can pull the sewing off, fingers crossed! I originally planned to do an X-stitch around each letter (oh, di ba, ang tapang! backstitch nga, parang gusto ko na mag-back-out) but I find it too laborious when I tried doing it (hahaha! excuses!) plus I can't seemed to keep the letters in place while I sew around it. Stubborn letters! So backstitch it is! I also followed Maqui's advice to use a thread that is lighter or would contrast to the felt cloth.  

And tadaaaahhhh!!! 

I’m so happy with the outcome. Amber is as happy, too! She keeps on saying, “Wow, danda!”. She carries it all around the house.

The good part about this project is that you can do it while you're watching the TV! Twice the fun! ^_^

Instant Garden Salad Dressing

Sharing my newfound instant salad dressing – Clara Ole’s Dips N’ Dressings Honey and Mustard.

Toss it with shredded lettuce, grated carrots and cheese, julienned cucumber and mandarin orange slices. Refreshingly yummy!!!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Hitting is Bad

Amber and I had a fight this weekend. It should be depressing because it was a ‘fight’ but I can’t help not to find it funny and amusing.

She is in the stage where she hits with her hands a lot. Little things we do, she hits us as if reprimanding us of some untoward things we did.

We always tell her that it’s not right to hit a person and that hitting is bad. I thought she doesn’t absorb it at all because she keeps on doing the same thing. Still, we patiently tell her that it's not right and ask her what makes her frustrated that leads her to hitting us. 

One night, she hit me really bad that in my momentary lapse of logic, I hit her back as softly as I could not to hurt her. She stopped for a while, surprised. She didn’t expect that I’ll hit her back. Then she said, “No, no, no, no! Wag palo! Bad yun!”.  

O, she knows naman pala!!! 

Eh, why does she keeps on hitting my leg while she says that?!?! Tama ba yun??? Nakakaloka! 

Then she won't talk to me after that. :-( 

PS: We're okay na the next day. ^_^

Amber Phonetics, Shapes

Circle --  “U-kel”

Triangle --  “Ah-tin-gel”

Square --  “Kweyl”

Diamond --  “Ahhh-mond”

Rectangle --  “Ek-tan-gel”

Oval – “Avol” 

Oh, by the way, Spongebob is no longer Babab. He is now Pongebob! Improving! ^_^

Who Does Not Hate Long Lines???

I’m starting to hate going to the Trinoma Mall.

For the 2 consecutive days that I went there, the lines to the mall’s entrance were just crazy! Tinalo pa nya yung pila sa MRT during rush hours!

Apparently, due to the shooting incidents in the rival SM Malls which can be attributed to security leniency, Trinoma tightened their security, making sure that all bags are searched, bodies frisked. They even have K-9 dogs and uniformed men all over the place.

I don’t have any problem regarding that. In fact, I welcome the idea that they are making their customers feel overly secured when inside their premises. What annoyed me a great deal was that they should’ve anticipated the long lines and assigned additional security teams to inspect/frisk especially during mall peak hours.

For the first day of implementation, I waited in line for more than 10 minutes just to get in!

I thought it would be better the next day or at least they should’ve done something about it but the long effing lines are still there! They didn’t even put a sign for either male/female lanes. You will just be surprised when you reach the door that you are on the wrong lane. Even common sense will not help because you cannot really distinguish that the lanes are gender-specific. Halo-halo talaga yung mga tao because nobody was informing people at the farther end of the lines. Hay sus talaga!

Kairita! Di muna ko magmo-mall! Good for me.

An Evening Walk Around SM Homes

The Hubby complained that he ate too much last Saturday night so he said he’ll take Amber for a stroll around the neighborhood. At almost 9 in the evening!?

In the more than 2 years that I stayed here, I never had the chance to really go around. The only streets I know are those where the house is and the other street where the Hubby’s grandmother lives. So I tagged along.

SM Homes is a very small and quiet townhouse neighborhood. It only has 1 gate. You can walk from the farthest house to the gate in maybe 5 minutes only, no need for a friendly neighborhood tricycle's help. That’s why it’s quiet. Walang maingay na vroom-vroom. ^_^

Shempre, we took pictures of this ‘monumental’ experience (for me at least)! As usual, please pardon the pictures' poor quality, madilim po kasi. ^_^
This reminds me of my baby pictures. Sepia yung color ng background!
You can see the Iglesia Ni Cristo chapel behind us.
That is actually situated  across the street where SM Homes is.

The Hubby who grew up here, enjoyed reminiscing his childhood that he just had to have a story to tell about every house, every block and every street. 

I wonder how many calories have I burned? After quite a number of steps, I was already sweating despite the cool evening breeze.

We already wanted to go inside the house but Amber still wants to stroll around. Eh buti kasi sha, naka-bike! Malapit na kaya mag-cramps yung binti ko. Hehe! Then we passed by a house that is literally covered with plants and trees, you can hardly see the entrance door when it's viewed on a certain angle. I had to have a picture with it!
Argh! The photo didn't give justice to the house. It's really actually prettier.
May vines pa on one side of the house that seems crawling up to the cute balcony.

It is by far, the most refreshing house I’ve seen in the neighborhood! It’s so green! Parang gubat lang yung paligid. ^_^

Amber decided to abandon her bike and walk holding hands with me on our last leg. She must have gotten tired too that she didn’t say no anymore when we told her that we’re already going inside the house.

And that ends our little evening stroll, A.K.A. pampababa-ng-kinain walk.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Jellyfish Kisses

Last night, I was already lying on bed while Amber was still up and jumping around. I didn’t know that I was already dozing off until I was awakened by what felt like a wet soft jelly on my lips. I was grossed out because in my half-asleep state, I thought jellyfishes were attacking my face!

I opened my eyes and saw that Amber had her full lips on my lips. Then she moved back when she saw my eyes were open and gave me that sweet smile, pretty much like this:

Kamusta naman yun??? Napagkamalan kong dikya yung nguso ng anak ko when she was just trying to be malambing. I kissed her back and laugh at myself. Kaso she keeps on giving me the 'jellyfish' kiss every time she sees that my eyes are closed. Ang kuleeet... but she's so lovable... and funny! ^_^ 

Vigilance or Paranoia?

The other day, I was in a bus from Alabang going to Ayala, when a man boarded in with a medium-sized black luggage. He placed it on the driver’s side and proceeded inside the bus to take a seat.

Since I’m sitting directly in front of the luggage and the man doesn’t look like a traveller himself (judgmental much?!?!), I was very uncomfortable and can’t keep my eyes off the luggage. I was holding on tightly to my bag thinking that it holds all the information that will identify my body if things like in the news and movies happen. Ang morbid ko no? Do you think I should stop watching suspense-thriller films?

Anyhoot, we arrived in Magallanes with me still absorbed in my morbid thoughts. When passengers started to alight, talagang I made sure to screen everybody that was passing by. I was ready to jump out of the bus if I see the man leaves his bag.

I’m just thankful when we reached Ayala and when I got off the bus, I prayed that I was just having crazy thoughts for the sake of the other passengers. My trip that time has never been that long!

When I told the Hubby about that, he laughed at me for being crazy but he also commended me for being vigilant. Eh di ba nga, “Demons are sprawling everywhere” says Barbra Streisand. ^_^

Fun DIY: Baptismal Candles

Hay, I so enjoy making personalized baptismal candles! These are for Ynakee who will be baptized on Sep-25.

I have to be more OC on my ribbons. Hindi sila pantay-pantay! Ang chaka!

Sorry baby Ynakee, Tita Lanie will not be there on your baptism but I will be celebrating with you in thoughts. ^_^

Incidentally, it’s her Ate Yvonne’s birthday celebration as well, which reminds me that I have to go out later and find her a gift. ^_^

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Sundays with Masterchef

All my September Sunday afternoons are booked! Errr, isa na lang pala ang remaining Sunday ng September. 

Bakit po? ^_^

Because there’s a Masterchef US S2 5-hour marathon at the Lifestyle Network on all Sundays of September starting at 3:30PM!!! Yey, I will be able to watch the episodes I missed.

I chanced upon it only last Sunday after Amber fell asleep. Yes, the TV is free!!! No more Nickelodeon while she naps!!! Hurrah! And the first episode for that marathon-day is just about to start. Sweet life!

Uhmm, the downside of that is we will be eating canned and frozen goods for dinner the whole week. Argh!

Kasi, we were supposed to go to the nearby Fresh Options Meat Shop to buy meat. We do our meat-shopping at 4PM because I can’t wake up too early on Sundays to catch up with the AM delivery at Fresh Options so I just opt to do it in the afternoon. Second delivery is at 3PM so we go there at 4PM giving them enough time to prepare the meat for display.

I usually stock up meat for our week-long consumption. But because of Masterchef, I wasn’t able to replenish our stock. Yes, kasalanan sha ng Masterchef! Let’s blame it all to Mastefchef! Harhar!

So next week, I have to do my meat-shopping early. But since I really can’t wake up early on weekends, Saturday na lang! Then Sunday is Masterchef day! Oh, and I have to finish all my household chores before it starts pala, giving the baby girl a bath included! ^_^

Wonder how I was able to watch the marathon even if Amber woke up after 2 hours and has been nagging me for Nickelodeon? Distraction, my friend! I gave her things to play with. When she got bored, I asked her to go find Daddy and see what he is doing. She will not be back in at least 30 minutes after that because she will be busy making kulit her Daddy. Then, I get my peaceful quiet time with Masterchef... I'm soooo smart! Haha! 

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Accept It Daddy! ;-P

Hay naku, Daddy... whatever you do... she still looks like me!

Yes, even if she's wearing your stuff! ;-P

A Convention That Was Not Meant To Be

Kawasaki Motors will be holding a Dealers Convention on September 22-24 at the New World Hotel. My Boss has a motorcycle dealership biz in his hometown so he was invited to this 3-day affair. Yes, they will be billeted for 2 nights.

Yesterday he told me, “Kung nandito sana si Ma’am N, I would have asked you to attend the convention since I can’t.”


Ano daw?!?!?!

He would have sent me to the convention?

Waaaaahhhh!!! Kahit wala akong alam sa motorcycles at hindi yun related sa work ko, gusto ko yun!!! Kahit mangangarag ako to try to fit in my not-so-many formal dresses again, ok lang yun! I want to attend a convention. The last I attended was a lifetime ago!

He was by the way referring to my immediate superior who had an accident and might not be back for a couple of months since she still has to undergo rehab for the knee.  

Haaaay... so long convention. Guess, you and I were not meant to be with each other in the first place.  L

Monday, September 19, 2011

Letter Puzzles/Flashcards

Another treasure I found at Booksale! ^_^

It’s a nice way to help Amber determine whether a letter is in its upper or lower case. She only needs to find the perfect pair! There are 4 ways you can match each pair and a piece cannot be interchanged with any other letter...

Amber is so happy with it. Sorry for the blurry pictures though. Daddy had to be very discreet in taking the pictures so as not to distract the little learner. ^_^ Time to start! 

Oopsie! Gotcha Daddy! 

Nevertheless, she continued her letter-search...

She has already successfully matched a few letters...

She definitely had fun. She did put together a few more letter pairs before we finally retired to bed. ^_^ 
And the price? Ako pa! Bibili ba ako ng mura? Shempre hindi! Kasi ang bibilhin ko yung murang-mura! The set costs me only PhP 15.00. ^_^

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