Monday, May 28, 2012

First Name Basis

One day, I went inside the house looking for the Hubby.

I asked Mama, “Ma, nasan si Neil?”.

A second later, Amber went around the house, yelling, “NEIL!!! WHERE ARE YOU?!? NEEEEIL!!!!”.

When the Hubby walked in, Amber said, “Mommy, ayan na si Neil oh!!!”.

First name basis? Mashado silang close. Teehee!

Fishes Bathe, Too!

And Amber was generous to lend them her bath tub, which she no longer uses because she prefers roaming around the bathroom while taking her bath.

The aquarium leaked so we had to find them a temporary home while it’s being fixed.

Amber played such a good host. She made sure that the fishes are well attended to. ^_^

Father’s Authority

Maybe children really know that fathers are really the authority in every home. I have to start getting used to that as well.

Yesterday, Amber climbed up the dining table. I asked her nicely to go down, she just ignored me. I begged her, she just smiled at me. I used my growling voice at her, she thought I was playing with her. But when Daddy, just one time, told her to go down, she immediately obliged.

There were several instances and it really puzzled me because the Hubby seldom gets mad at Amber. Between us, he is the kunsintidor-parent but when he speaks, Amber seems to always listen. Ako, wala lang. I just get a smile. L

I complained to the Hubby about this. Objectively, he said that it only shows that Amber is closer to me because he also notices that I am who she seeks for when she needs to be comforted.

Bigla ako nag-isip... nagmuni-muni...

Oo nga ano?!

When she heard thunder, even if she was beside Daddy, she hurried to me and sat on my lap.

When Daddy gets mad at her, she goes to me and tells me that Daddy is mad at her.

When she cries or is upset, I hear that she calls out for me even if everyone in the household is at her sight.

When she is sick, she only wants Mommy to hold and carry her.

Ay, bigla naman ako naluha. Hehe!

Indeed, each parent has their own roles in their children’s life.

Mango Festival in QMC

After our visit to the doctor last Saturday, we went to the Quezon Memorial Circle where a Mango Festival is being held. Mama likes mangoes so much that she didn’t let this event pass without going. Tita Let tagged along since she wanted to buy a mango tree for her backyard. Kaloka itong si Tita Let, di ko kinaya, talagang puno ang gusto bilhin. Looks like she doesn’t want to run out of mangoes kahit pa wala nang i-supply na mangga sa local market. ^_^

There were seminars about mango farming, fresh mangoes from Guimaras and Zambales...

Mango by-products...

At shempre, ang punong pinakaaasam ni Tital Let. Hehe!

I was expecting to see mangoes everywhere. Yung tipong bawat lingon ko, may manga but I was disappointed. There were only a few, maybe just 3 stalls that sell mangoes. The rest already offered non-mango products.
Vegetable Seedlings

Bees Wax and products

Buti na lang may fresh fruit shakes! Winner ang avocado shake ni ate!

After 4 bags full of ripe and green mangoes, we went to another side of the circle where grafted fruit trees are being sold.

It looked like a forest has grown at the back of the car as we went home. We got a guimaras mango tree, 2 calamansi trees and an avocado tree.

Good luck in the tree-planting Tita Let. Hope they bear fruits the soonest! Now, there is another reason why Amber would not want to leave your house anymore. Hahaha!

We don’t know but we always have a hard time getting Amber to leave Tita Let’s house every time we visit her. She feels so at home there that she even waves goodbye at Mommy and Daddy when we tell her that we are already leaving even without her. Next time, dadalhin ko na lahat ng gamit nya! LOL!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Fever Culprit

I just came back from a 2-day leave. Amber had fever again when I came home last Monday. I suspect that it might be UTI or some bacterial infection.

We brought her to a Pediatrician in a hospital near us. Doc said it can be viral and prescribed Immunosin and told us to strengthen Amber’s resistance by giving her a double dose of Vitamin C and increase her fluid intake, preferably fresh fruit juices.

Before I even asked, she already made a request for Urinalysis.

Hmp, medyo naimbyerna pa ko kasi she made a comment, which I find offensive, about Amber still wearing a diaper, eh she's almost 3 na daw. 

We left her clinic after she put a weewee bag on Amber and we stayed in the car while we wait for Amber to pee. Just in time for us to be able to listen to the radio for CJ Corona’s statement as he took the witness stand.

The chief justice’s statement has concluded but no pee is showing just yet. Amber almost finished a bottle of water and a bottle of milk pero wala pa rin si weewee. Hay, we spent 3 hours in the car waiting for Amber to pee but the wee bag remained dry.

When it started to get dark, the Hubby decided for us to go home first and just bring the specimen back to the hospital’s lab later. Anyway, it’s only a 30-minute drive away.

We were about to have our dinner when the much awaited urine made its appearance.  Ang ganda ng timing di ba?! We rushed to FEUNRMF Hospital to submit the urine sample.

The next day, the Hubby got the results.  My nurse SIL said that it is UTI based on the PUS present in the urine. I had this feeling since the first fever last week that it might be UTI. Mother’s instinct probably.

We will bring the urinalysis result to the Pedia on Saturday so she can prescribe what antibiotic to give Amber. Meanwhile, we will have her drink cranberry juice. My other SIL always suffers from UTI and she said that cranberry helps relieves the pain and clears the infection (?). So we're going to give it a try pending Doc's prescription. 

AI Season 11 Winner, Named

Philip won. Yay! But I’m keeping the excitement to myself. Baka bigla akong umbagin ng mga tao dito sa office. Hehe!

My MIL sent me a text message that Philip won. She was sad because she was rooting, of course, for Jessica. She doesn’t know that I’m for Philip. Eh shempre naman, kokontra ka ba sa mother-in-law mo?!?

So I’m silently celebrating Philip’s victory. Teehee!

100% Natural

I placed an order on Human Heart Nature's website on Friday. And on Saturday, I received this:

They have a very nice packaging.

Bilis no? Sana all deliveries from online purchases are this fast!

So, what have I ordered? Some pang-kikay items that I’ve heard good words from in the net. *grin*

Although I suck at product reviews, I’ll give feedback on how they’ll work on me after 2 weeks of using them. I hope they already have effects on me by that time. Anyways, these are only my initial reaction the first time I used them...

Hydrating Facial Wash
I’m struggling with the scent. Hindi talaga sha mabango. I don’t know if it should be good and if it’s an indication of its being 100% natural pero I have to hold my breath while washing so I would not smell it. Also, I don’t feel my face is squeaky clean after, maybe because it leaves moisture siguro. Anyhow, I hope it will give out a good effect naman so I’ll still give it a try.  

Moisturizing Night Cream
It’s not sticky. It’s easy to apply kasi parang water yung consistency nya. But you can feel its effect on your skin. Parang nagta-tighten yung face ko. I just hope it would not cause me breakouts. Yan ang dilemma ko sa fez ko eh. Pag nilagyan ng moisturizing cream, nagpi-pimples, pag hindi naman, mashadong dry. Hay buhay!

Isa pa pala, I want to use it because I haven’t been using any night creams since Amber was born. She snuggles with me at bedtime so I’m afraid that the chemical would cause harm to her. Good thing that HHN products are organic and 100% chemical free. At least, I won’t be worried even if Amber showers me with kisses while I have it on.

Sunflower Beauty Oil
For the longest time, I’ve been using Kojic soap to tame my pimplets. It works but lately, I noticed that my skin gets dry. I don’t think sunflower oil can help me rid of my pimples but hopefully, it can help lighten the marks those so-kaka pimples left.

I’m so excited on its long term effects. Sana lang I will be able to religiously follow this regimen.

And oh! Human Heart Nature has this loyalty reward program pa pala. J

One more thing, I only paid a total of P394 for these, shipment charge of P45 included!

Friday, May 18, 2012

A Vote For Philip

Oh my gosh! Hey J.Lo, I think I’m one of those 20 million girls!!!

I’m not much of an AI fan but since AI regained its popularity again in the country because of Jessica, I have been watching every contender’s performances in Youtube. The first time I saw Phillip, I knew I am vouching for him. Imagine my happiness when they both landed at the top 3 spot! But, of course, I have to be one with the whole Philippines in rooting for a kababayan.

But meyn! After I’ve seen Philip singing 'We've Got Tonight", I’m sorry dear Jessica... you have 90 million Filipinos behind your back anyways, let me vote for Phillip!!! LOL. ^_^

*And just why the heck can't I insert Philip's video here?!?!?!*

Nosy Amber

Amber, curious at what Daddy’s doing in his phone...

Amber, having a closer look...

<Not caught on cam> Amber is already blocking Daddy’s view of his phone. ;-D

Amber Was Visited By A Flu Virus

I had to take a leave from work last Thursday because the night before, Amber had a hi-grade fever. The thermometer registers 39.6! We would have brought her to the hospital if cold compress didn’t help lower her temp.

That afternoon, she was still her usual makulit-malikot self though. Mama wouldn’t know that she already had fever until she went up to her and asked to be carried.

When I got home that night, she still refused to drink any medicines so the best thing I thought of doing is to give her a sponge bath.

That night, I woke up because I felt something very warm beside me. When I touched her forehead, she’s burning with fever! Sponge bath did the trick again but we decided to bring her to the hospital in the morning if the fever persists.

At 8AM, her temp is at a normal 36.3. The day passed without a fever, thank God!

I am still wondering though what have caused her to get sick and have a fever that high. I’m just thankful that whatever virus that paid her a visit went away just as fast.

Sweet Treats At SM Bakery Section

I saw these Red Velvet Cupcakes in SM Supermarket fresh baked breads section. I couldn’t help not to notice that they look like big bloodshot eyes. Do they not? Yung pang-halloween lang ang peg. ;-\

But then, they’re only P60 for a box of 3. Very affordabel!

In fairness, if your palate naman is like mine that is not so meticulous with cakes, it’s yummy enough. It’s moist inside and there’s chocolate filling pa. Plus factor yung sugar icing, which I really like. Ang ayoko, yung red sprinkles. It falls everytime I take a bite. Ang messy tuloy!

Have a taste of Red Velvet Cupcake for a very affordable price. ^_^

Oh! Their Almond (or Cashew?) Caramel Bar is also sarap! Too sweet nga lang.

What Kept Me Busy Aside From Work


After the disappointment from the Twilight movies, I vowed that I will never read The Hunger Games unless I’ve seen the movie. Why? Because by that, I can try to enjoy the film more without me anticipating the next scene as how I’ve read it in the book.

I failed to watch the Hunger Games on cinemas. Hokey! I intended not to watch it in the theater and hoped that pirates from around the world would send me a clear copy soon. But months passed and I haven’t gotten my hands on the best uploaded video so far. I wonder if the DVD copy has been released.

So ayun, hintay-hintay... I already have the e-book in my cellphone but I was trying my might not to read it, not even take a glimpse of it, until nga I’ve seen the movie.

Kaso mo, minsan isang gabi that I was waiting for the Hubby to pick me up from our meeting place, I was so bored that I thought just a peak of the first chapter won’t hurt.

Ayun! After 5 days, I finished reading all 3 books! So kaka!

I don’t regret it though. I enjoyed reading every chapter. So enjoyed it that the times I should be blogging was spent reading. Bad! I was even sad when I had to come to the end of the story. Parang I was expecting more games. Yun tipong tumanda na si Katniss, eh she’s still playing in the Hunger Games.

Oh well, if I can only get my hands on a copy of the film. I heard it was very faithful to the book. Can’t wait to see it. ^_^

Next book... Game of Thrones!

Monday, May 07, 2012

Kikay Amber

I am loving the age Amber is in now!

Before, it took us so much effort to take a picture of her. She usually doesn't look at the camera and if she does, she’ll just flash her grouchy face.

I used to think that she will always be a grumpy child. Ewan ko ba, I kept a cheerful state naman when I was pregnant with her.

But wait!

When she learned and begun interacting with people, that’s when I learned that she is just as a happy bee as me! Nailabas din nya ang itinatagong kabungis-ngisan. She squeals immediately at little things.

When it’s picture-taking time, it’s so easy to make her smile and pose at the camera. And she sometimes asks for her picture to be taken pa talaga!

Kagaya nito... wala shang pakialam kahit mga plato and baso ang background basta may camera. Haha!

Weekend Movies: The Avengers & The Vow

The last time I went to a movie theater was to watch Captain America. I had no plans of seeing The Avengers in the theater as I am living up to my being a pirata. Hehe! But after hearing so many good feedback about the movie, I decided to agree with the Hubby to watch the much awaited film and not to wait for torrents anymore.

photo source

Since I’ve taken a silent oath not to give any spoilers anymore, although it’s pointless since I’m sure almost everyone has already watched it, I’ll just comment on how my experience having a date with Nick Fury, the Hulk, Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Black Widow, Hawkeye and Loki went. ^_^

It was FUN! It’s totally hilarious!

I now have a soft spot for the Hulk after seeing this movie. For a big fellow that he is, he is such a darling!

It reminded us to watch Thor’s movie, which never appealed to us, but we thought of seeing because we honestly don’t know much about him and his brother, Loki.

By the way, if you have watched each of the Avengers characters' movie, you will see bits and pieces of the other characters in their individual films, like how Capt. America’s shield was used by Tony Stark in Iron Man 2. etc, etc... Just an observation. ;-\

Thumbs up to The Avengers! I really enjoyed it!


Come Sunday evening, I felt like watching a movie but the Hubby was so busy tinkering the sound system of his car so I decided to watch The Vow alone since he isn’t really into romantic movies anyways.

So kaka! It was a wrong idea to watch it at night. Gumising ako kanina na maga ang mata! I’ve shed too many tears for that movie! The Hubby was laughing at me. Hmpft! Di na nga ko sinamahan manood, pinagtawanan pa yung maga kong mata. Waaah! Lalo akong sumingkit!

It was easy to fall in love with Leo (Channing Tatum). Yeah, I think I’m crushing on Channing. Haha! Feeling teener lang.

But I could really feel the pain in Leo as he tries to win back his wife’s love after losing her memory, of ever meeting him, in a car accident.

There were too many inspiring and touching scenes and lines.

What I cried most about is when Leo decided to give up and told Paige that it hurts him to see Paige looking at her ex-boyfriend, Jeremy that way. It pains him to know that Paige still thought she is still in-love with Jeremy, he can say so the way she looks at Jeremy because she used to look at Leo that way. Ay grabe! I thought my heart will be torn into pieces. I wanted to reach out to Leo and claim him. Hahaha! Harot!

Back to Square One!

My creative juice is running dry!

I can’t think of ways how to make Amber drink her vitamins. She needs to take it 3-months continuously pa naman as advised by her Pedia.

Last week, she didn’t drink the “juice” I prepared for her. We can’t give it to her directly because she’ll only throw it up so I tried to camouflage it with juice drinks. I have tried several juice flavors but now, she won’t take any of it. She preferred drinking water than juice. She would do everything just to avoid drinking juice.

I wouldn’t risk mixing it with her milk because I’m 100% sure she’ll get to taste the vitamins and will refuse to drink it. Baka mamaya, madamay pa ang milk sa mga ayaw na nya inumin.

She hasn’t taken her vits for a week now. I’m so worried.

The first few weeks she drank her “juice”, we have noticed the improvement in her appetite, as in she’d always ask for something to eat. Now, her appetite is dwindling again.

Voicing Amber's latest favorite phrase, “What to do?!? What to do?!”.

Ang hirap!

One-Two-Tie My Shoe

Amber’s version of the famous Mother Goose’s counting rhyme (she recites this complete with hand action). Feel free to sing along with Amber. :)

1, 2... pah-pah shoo;
3, 4... shop-pah door;
5, 6... pick ah stick;
7, 8... lay them stray;
9, 10... a big fak hen!


Blast From The Past

Here's a picture of me and Nanay ‘SOME’ years ago. 
When I asked Amber who are in the picture, without a doubt she said, “Mommy and Nanay!”.

When I asked her naman who this girl is in this picture of mine when I was 3 years old, she said, “Amber!”.
Sorry about the grid lines, I tried to make an enlarge drawing of this picture when I was still feeling artsy-artsy a few years back.

Even she sees that we look alike! Hahaha!

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