Friday, May 18, 2012

What Kept Me Busy Aside From Work


After the disappointment from the Twilight movies, I vowed that I will never read The Hunger Games unless I’ve seen the movie. Why? Because by that, I can try to enjoy the film more without me anticipating the next scene as how I’ve read it in the book.

I failed to watch the Hunger Games on cinemas. Hokey! I intended not to watch it in the theater and hoped that pirates from around the world would send me a clear copy soon. But months passed and I haven’t gotten my hands on the best uploaded video so far. I wonder if the DVD copy has been released.

So ayun, hintay-hintay... I already have the e-book in my cellphone but I was trying my might not to read it, not even take a glimpse of it, until nga I’ve seen the movie.

Kaso mo, minsan isang gabi that I was waiting for the Hubby to pick me up from our meeting place, I was so bored that I thought just a peak of the first chapter won’t hurt.

Ayun! After 5 days, I finished reading all 3 books! So kaka!

I don’t regret it though. I enjoyed reading every chapter. So enjoyed it that the times I should be blogging was spent reading. Bad! I was even sad when I had to come to the end of the story. Parang I was expecting more games. Yun tipong tumanda na si Katniss, eh she’s still playing in the Hunger Games.

Oh well, if I can only get my hands on a copy of the film. I heard it was very faithful to the book. Can’t wait to see it. ^_^

Next book... Game of Thrones!

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  1. Ayun naman pla ang may kasalanan. I wanted to read the book, too. Kaya lng, being the visual person that I am, mas ma-eexcite akong basahin yan if may pictures. Teka, may pictures ba? :)Or better yet, they could come up with a comic like book na parang "The Walking dead" ang peg :) hihihi


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