Sunday, June 14, 2015

A Letter For Amber On Her 6th Birthday

To my ever dearest Amber,

You turn six today.

You revel on being called a kid now. Yes, you don’t want to be called a baby anymore. But you know what? You will always be my and daddy’s baby, even if you are already 30 years old! You will never stop being our baby. I can almost hear you say, “What?! That’s crazy!”, in your funny American accent, which I will always be amazed of hearing since none of us in the household speaks that way.

You are very inquisitive. I’ve never heard so many WHYs in my life! But I’m glad that you never hold back in learning. You are never scared to ask us anything that baffles you or are new to you. I hope Daddy and I would always be able to satisfy your interested mind. If we do not, just keep on asking us... ;-)

You enjoy simple things. Despite that your playmates own high-end gadgets and expensive toys, you never once asked us to buy the same things for you. Instead, you enjoy playing with the things that you already have.

You are very creative. When you are done playing with your toys, you ask for paper and you make this:

There are so many paper cut-outs among your toys but I never dare throw them away no matter how crumpled they become because I know that they are your creations. That for you, they are made for something, that they mean something.

Every day, I still and always thank God for you. Every moment, I am loving you more!

Mommy Lanie

Tuesday, June 09, 2015

My Grade-Schooler

See the uniform? Nope, she didn’t transfer into a new school but she’s wearing a big girl’s uniform now. Amber is officially in Grade school! And oh, the skirt... I have to mention that I did pretty well in adjusting its length. Yup, that was done by me with, of course, the help of SUE. Oh I’m enjoying our time together! Will tell you more about it some other time. ;)

Notice the bag? It seems bigger than her, right? We had to buy her a new bag because all her books and school supplies cannot fit in the old bag anymore. We were lucky to find a good bag that will not be too heavy for her to roll around.

Since she will be in school for a good 7 hours and 35 minutes, I have to find ways how to make her eat the lunch that Ate Mai and I prepared for her. Amber eats well now, but you still have to supervise her and always nag her to finish her food. Eating time at home for a meal usually takes almost an hour. :(

She looks very excited when she saw her new books. I always hope she will find her learning years enjoyable.

Meet My New Toy, Sue!

I have always wanted to own a sewing machine. But, I don’t know how to sew. I just feel that I need it because I’m the person who always finds something is wrong with the clothes I bought. They’re either too tight or too loose here and there. So my solution is to alter them to have a better fit! But simple alterations done in dress shops aren't cheap.

Also, good pillowcases are so darn expensive! And our bed is a home to almost a dozen irregularly sized and shaped pillows. It’s so hard to find pillowcases in colors of same shades that will fit all the pillows we have. It would save me trouble if I can just make our own pillowcases.

So when I chanced upon this ad in Lazada, my first sewing machine arrived in our door the next day!
This blurry picture was taken by Amber who insisted that she takes the picture. :)

Well, it’s not like those bad ass Singer machine with the table and all. It’s a portable mini-sewing machine! And Yes, I’m naming her SUE! Our household has this habit of naming things so it’ll be easier to identify them like our External Memory Drive who we call “ED”, and the other External Memory Drive who is named “TERA”. Sounds crazy but it definitely works for us! :)

Sue pretty much sews any kind of fabrics except denims. So excited to put this mini-machine to work! I also heard that it's like a sewing machine for dummies. Perfect for me!

Imagine how many pillow cases I can make from this? 

Monday, June 01, 2015

Conversations with Amber

How do you know when your kids are growing up? They say things that you don’t expect to hear from them.

Chismis 101

Me: Amber, do you know [playmate’s] dad?
It was an innocent question, I swear!

Amber: Wala e. He left. Maybe he wanted to be with another woman who is not [playmate’s] mom.

My jaw dropped.

Helping hand

Handing me her toothbrush.
Amber: Mommy, can you help me brush my teeth?
Mommy: How do you want me to help you?
Amber: I want you to brush my teeth.
Mommy: Ha? I thought you already know how to brush your teeth by yourself? Di ba you’ve been doing that already?
Amber: Eh kasi it’s tagal if I do it myself.
Mommy: It’s okay, I can wait.
Amber: But mommy, it’s getting late na diba? If you help me, I can finish faster.
Where do they get this logic?

The Yellow Fruit

After seeing the mango on the table...
Amber: Mommy, I’m hungry.
Mommy: What do you want to eat?
Amber: Hmmm, I don’t know... Maybe something that is yellow?
Mommy: Ah, mango?
Amber: Huh?!? How can you say that? I didn’t even thought (sic) about that. But yes, I can eat mango.
Style nito, bulok.

Busy God

While traversing the busy Alabang road...
Amber: God must be tired making all these people.


Daddy, what is he selling?”, says Amber while pointing at the Lay Minister the Church

...during Communion.

Recipe: Fried Cream Dory with Garlic Cream Sauce

I like Cream Dory for its versatility. Like you can cook it any way you want.

I planned to make Sweet and Sour Fish Fillet with the pack of Cream Dory I have on the fridge.

But then, I prefer cream sauce over tomato-based sauces.

And I find it easier to make Garlic Cream Sauce.

Well, don’t be deceived, this recipe may appear very simple but I loved how it turned out! ;)

-Cream Dory, I used 1 pack of frozen Dory fillet, about 500grams
-Oil for frying
-4 cloves of garlic, minced
-1 tbsp of butter
-1 cup of milk, I always use fresh milk
-1 tsp of dried basil
-Salt & pepper to taste

How to:
1.    In a sauce pan under low heat, saute garlic on butter until garlic is fragrant. Do not wait until garlic turns brown. Pour fresh milk. Season with salt and pepper. Let it simmer for about a minute. Add basil.
2.    Season fish with salt and pepper. Fry on both sides until golden brown. Use as little oil as possible, just enough to coat your pan. Do not overcook fish as meat may crumble.
3.    Put the fish on a serving plate. Pour garlic-cream sauce over it.

Perfect with steamed rice! I sometimes sprinkle my steamed rice with dried basil leaves. 

I don’t know but I have this latest addiction to basil. It seems like it’s making everything I eat extra flavorful. Or maybe it’s just my taste buds. :) 

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