Wednesday, July 23, 2014

DIY: Matching Bracelets

One lazy afternoon + faux pearls + bored mom = mommy and amber’s matching bracelet!

I’ve been looking at my stack of faux pearls, which I accumulated since planning my wedding. Well, I didn’t use any of them in my wedding at all. I just love looking at them, different colors,... different sizes... they look like colored bubbles. Looking at them relaxes me.

Then I saw this Hello Kitty bracelet that was given to Amber by a Korean friend and thought, what if I have something like it to match hers?

But since I don't have the exact Hello Kitty materials, I eyed my faux pearl collection and tadah!!! Made matching bracelets for my little girl and myself. :)

Would look better if I used semi-precious beads. Hmmm, a trip to Villalobos St. in Quiapo might indulge my passing fancy for semi-precious beads! Have to plan a trip! Ciao!

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Aliens & Moon

While typhoon Glenda is wrecking havoc in Metro Manila, causing a metro-wide power shutdown, I overheard this conversation between Amber and her 17-year old cousin, Ate Trisha.

Ate Trisha: Amber, why do you think it's raining?
Amber: Because the moon is taking a bath!

I can't help not to butt in...

Mommy: And what do you think is causing the strong winds?
Amber: It's still the moon... it's blowing everything on the road.

Whew! It was a safe answer, I was expecting she'll say that the moon farted. 

Poor moon though, for taking the blame.


For lack of anything to do, the cousins invited aliens at home...

Heads-up, Daddy!

Amber: That's me when I grow up.
Mommy: You want to wear something like that?
Amber: Opo. 
Mommy: Hah! Daddy won't allow it.
Amber: No, mommy. I'll wear that when I'm an adult na.
Mommy: Daddy will not allow you to wear that even when you're already an adult.
Amber: Then don't tell Daddy. It's our secret.

Daddy, heads-up! Bahala kayo mag-usap. Hahaha!

photo from one of Amber's online dress-up games

Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Filipino Homework

Lately, I let Amber do her homework by herself and do as little intervention as I could. I let her read the instruction and do it on her workbook. A simple exercise for her on reading comprehension. :) 

And it pleases me to know that she can already follow instructions without me having to explain them to her.

Then I checked her homework last night...
It reads, "Kasie gusto ma cuclae (suklay) ko fur nia"

I paused. Went inside the room and laughed my heart out. I tried not to laugh in front of her as she might think I’m making fun of her. But I just couldn’t suppress the amusement.

It seems more difficult nowadays to teach Filipino. In our times, most favored the Filipino subject. Now, I often hear Amber complaining, “Can’t they just write it in English?”, when she’s having a hard time reading in Filipino.

Sigh! I am so acing the A-E-I-O-U, Ba-Be-Bi-Bo-Bu lessons if I had to do it every time we need to read in Filipino. :)

Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Nail Arts

Don’t you just love Nail Arts?! So artistic!

Unfortunately, I will not be able to wear them. Ever! My nails only had 1 manicure in my lifetime – on my wedding day. And I only had it French-tipped. I should’ve been bolder!

My nails look like that of a 10 year old. Yup, believe it or not, I don’t get manicures. My hands are scared. I easily get blisters around my nails. That’s why I don’t get them touched and just let them live a life of their own, with just a regular nail-trim. Thus, my adolescent-looking nails.

On the other hand, I enjoy a good pedicure once in a while. But Nail Arts are a waste on feet that often wear closed shoes.

So, I’ll just indulge myself with photos of these cute Nail Arts, courtesy of Polish Art Addict and hope that Amber will be fond of them when she grows up. Hmm, who knows, I might try to learn doing it for her. ;)

These are some of my favorite from Polish Art Addict. So cute and neatly done!


I have attention problem.

Does being kulang-sa-pansin qualify for having an attention problem?

But I’m not being KSP now.

When I watch a series marathon, which I often do on weekends, my hands have to do something else. Otherwise, I’ll get bored and may fall asleep even if I’m watching the latest Game of Thrones season. That’s Game of Thrones! Yet, I’d still fall asleep.

I become so passionate with something I’m very interested in doing. Sometimes, the day will just pass by with me browsing about the topic in the net. Yeap, I can spend (and waste) a day in front of the computer browsing about the same thing the entire day!

Then suddenly, something I think is more interesting will catch my attention and I’d lose interest in the former.

I have this project I wanted to start with, weeks ago. I already collected the materials, some of them are not cheap! Now, I just feel like doing something else.

Sometimes, I become so fascinated with a project... then the next day, I’ll find countless reasons why I cannot do it.

Those kinds of attention problem.

I missed the days I’m so into DIYs! Now my thoughts are just scattered! And I’m lazy to do anything.

Maybe that’s the problem. I’m just lazy! :(

There! I have to regroup my thoughts! My lazy ass also needs serious whacking.

Now a challenge -- A DIY project at least every month!

Better find out where to begin with. Ciao!

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