Wednesday, July 23, 2014

DIY: Matching Bracelets

One lazy afternoon + faux pearls + bored mom = mommy and amber’s matching bracelet!

I’ve been looking at my stack of faux pearls, which I accumulated since planning my wedding. Well, I didn’t use any of them in my wedding at all. I just love looking at them, different colors,... different sizes... they look like colored bubbles. Looking at them relaxes me.

Then I saw this Hello Kitty bracelet that was given to Amber by a Korean friend and thought, what if I have something like it to match hers?

But since I don't have the exact Hello Kitty materials, I eyed my faux pearl collection and tadah!!! Made matching bracelets for my little girl and myself. :)

Would look better if I used semi-precious beads. Hmmm, a trip to Villalobos St. in Quiapo might indulge my passing fancy for semi-precious beads! Have to plan a trip! Ciao!

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