Tuesday, July 01, 2014


I have attention problem.

Does being kulang-sa-pansin qualify for having an attention problem?

But I’m not being KSP now.

When I watch a series marathon, which I often do on weekends, my hands have to do something else. Otherwise, I’ll get bored and may fall asleep even if I’m watching the latest Game of Thrones season. That’s Game of Thrones! Yet, I’d still fall asleep.

I become so passionate with something I’m very interested in doing. Sometimes, the day will just pass by with me browsing about the topic in the net. Yeap, I can spend (and waste) a day in front of the computer browsing about the same thing the entire day!

Then suddenly, something I think is more interesting will catch my attention and I’d lose interest in the former.

I have this project I wanted to start with, weeks ago. I already collected the materials, some of them are not cheap! Now, I just feel like doing something else.

Sometimes, I become so fascinated with a project... then the next day, I’ll find countless reasons why I cannot do it.

Those kinds of attention problem.

I missed the days I’m so into DIYs! Now my thoughts are just scattered! And I’m lazy to do anything.

Maybe that’s the problem. I’m just lazy! :(

There! I have to regroup my thoughts! My lazy ass also needs serious whacking.

Now a challenge -- A DIY project at least every month!

Better find out where to begin with. Ciao!

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