Thursday, January 17, 2013

Abe Isaac’s Christening

Welcome to the Christian World, Abe! ^_^

With the fairy godmothers.

The fairy godparents with Abe's proud parents, Bam and Arcee. 

Abe is 6 months and 14 kg! I would have loved to carry this cutie patootie a bit longer because he is such a darling! But my arms are not shaped for heavy weight lifting. Ang bigat, grabe! What have you been feeding Abe, ha, Mareng BFF?!? Nonetheless, he is so, so cute and cuddly! Na-miss ko bigla kumarga ng baby. :)

Little Miss Emotera :)

Doodles and Scribbles

Happy New Year!!! C’mon,... my greeting isn’t too late. It’s still January, right? *palusot* J

To start off, let me share something that I’m so happy about. But before that, a little kwento...

Nanay told me that I started scribbling at an early age of 2. I already had a good grip on my pen and could already control it. My lines and circles were already defined. I always say that if I wasn’t just as lazy, I could have been a good artist – a painter maybe. Ngayon, pangarap na lang yun.

With Amber, even if she was holding pens and crayons before she turned 2, it was only until lately that she can have a good control of it.

When they have coloring activities at school, she would just watch her classmates and refuses to color her coloring book. Not that she’s intimidated with crayons, it’s because she doesn’t want to ruin the pictures in the paper. Papangit daw kasi pag nag-color sha dahil may lagpas. I may not have an artist for a daughter but it seems that this will be a perfectionist one. LOL!

It’s either she will not do it herself or ask some grown-up who would do it nicely for her. Minsan, I’d intentionally make bad coloring just so that she will look at it as a fun activity rather than be pressured to always do it right.

Then one day, she showed me this...

“Look, Mommy! There’s mountain and grass and sun and trees...”

I’m so happy and proud! This may not be the best drawing in the whole wide universe. But to me, it is!

Big smile on Mommy’s face!

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