Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Santa Came For A Visit

...and left big wrapped boxes in the living room!

Amber wondered what’s inside...

But could not dare open them,...

Because they are Daddy’s office raffle prizes!

*Oh no, Daddy didn’t pay for all those, he was just assigned to pick them up from the store. Methinks for this Christmas, he became more like the reindeer than Santa. LOL!*

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Merry Faces

Time to share with you what has been keeping me busy-busy... my new bag tags! ^_^

Another Fun Way Of Cooking Hotdogs!

Oven toasters... I have this newfound respect for you.

I often thought that oven toasters are only used for, yes of course, toasting breads,... re-heating fried or baked anything,...

But we were able to enjoy a freshly cooked and made hotdog sandwich in the office courtesy of our almost taken for granted oven toaster!

Cool, huh!? ;-)

It’s so easy!

We made spiral cuts around the hotdog (PF TJ Kingsize, it must be! ^_^). Aside from it will look good when it’s cooked, it also ensures that it will be cooked evenly. Spread a generous amount of margarine. Set the oven toaster at high for 10 minutes (maybe more if you want your hotdog cooked to a crunch. Pop in the hotdogs. Turn them once in a while. Let your office smell of roasted meat and imagine being in a poolside barbecue party.

Squeeze on some mustard and kechup and you have yourself one yummy snack!

Warning: Turn on your exhaust fan if you’re doing this inside an airconditioned room. J

A Sweet Comeback

Hurrah! Finally able to post an entry today. Akala ko sa January na ako makakapag-blog. L I missed doing this! If not for the crazy holiday schedule.

Hello friends! I admit I have a lot of back-reading to do. I surely missed reading your blogs. Didn’t blog-hop as well during my absence. I promise to keep up, I hope I didn’t miss a lot.

Anyhow, this is the problem when you stray for too long, I suddenly don’t know where to start and that explains my nonsense intro. J

So, let me gather my thoughts first as I leave you a box of these delightful, oh-so-yummy and also calorie-loaded donuts from J.Co. I really have to share them with you. You know, spread the cheers, spread the calories! Har-har!

I’m so glad it opened a branch in SM City Fairview. The lines are a lot shorter... for now.

Amber likes J.Co a lot. She can eat 1 whole donut in 1 sitting. That is after you let her run and play around the mall for hours. :)

Btw, know why I was able to blog today, this morning? It's already 10AM and I'm still alone in the office, I wonder why my officemates aren't here yet?! Di naman holiday ngayon di ba? Hmmm... isip-isip.

Thursday, December 06, 2012

Amber's Christmas Carol

Amber doesn’t want her video to be taken while she sings so we just had to sneak in an audio recorder while she does her heartfelt rendition of Away In A Manger. ^_^

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