Thursday, December 20, 2012

Another Fun Way Of Cooking Hotdogs!

Oven toasters... I have this newfound respect for you.

I often thought that oven toasters are only used for, yes of course, toasting breads,... re-heating fried or baked anything,...

But we were able to enjoy a freshly cooked and made hotdog sandwich in the office courtesy of our almost taken for granted oven toaster!

Cool, huh!? ;-)

It’s so easy!

We made spiral cuts around the hotdog (PF TJ Kingsize, it must be! ^_^). Aside from it will look good when it’s cooked, it also ensures that it will be cooked evenly. Spread a generous amount of margarine. Set the oven toaster at high for 10 minutes (maybe more if you want your hotdog cooked to a crunch. Pop in the hotdogs. Turn them once in a while. Let your office smell of roasted meat and imagine being in a poolside barbecue party.

Squeeze on some mustard and kechup and you have yourself one yummy snack!

Warning: Turn on your exhaust fan if you’re doing this inside an airconditioned room. J

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