Friday, August 31, 2012

Those Poor Toys

After several pleadings, this has become my mantra every time I need Amber to do something (eg, take a bath, eat, etc...):

“Amber, do you want me to throw away your toys?”

It’s wrong, I know. But it is the most effective approach at the moment. So far, I have not thrown any of her toys. And I’m glad that she hasn’t tested her limits in this area yet.

How about you Mommies, how do you convince your toddlers to do what they are supposed to do? I am so willing to try other more acceptable means than throwing threats against her unknowing toys. L

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Amber Is Potty-Trained... Almost!

Warning: This post may be too graphic. Reader’s discretion is advised. LOL! ^_^

She already goes to her potty when she wants to pee and poop. In a day, we already have almost zero accident, which only happens when she is asleep.

Even if she’s wearing diapers, she still informs us that she needs to pee.

I guess that means we are done with Step 1.

I’m so glad that I wanted to do cartwheels! But --

The second step and the more challenging step so far is how can we convince her to remove her shorts and panties before sitting on her potty?

Yeah, I know right?

Kawawa naman tuloy si Ate Nora. She has to wash panties and shorts lagi. Buti na lang I bought Amber sandamakmak na panties.

So... HOW-how the carabao?!?

Amber Photography

Title: Mommy Eating

Title: Nanay and Daddy Having Lunch

Title: Minnie Hanging Out

Here, she tried a different technic – A CLEAR SHOT(!) of Beadie "The Mad" Dog:

Geez, I thought I was just having Vertigo all along! LOL!

The (very promising) photographer:


Friday, August 24, 2012

Recipe: Marshmallow-Covered Brownies

I was able to bake yummy chewy brownies. All thanks to my new-found BFF -- the microwave oven! ^_^

Maya Instant Brownie Mix, Egg and Butter 

Not in the picture are chopped Cashew Nuts, Marshmallows and 2 tablespoons of water. Please disregard the cheese as I didn't add it in anymore. Tinamad na akong mag-grate. :)

How to:
- In a bowl, cream 1/4 cup butter. Add in 1 egg, water, the Maya Brownie Mix and chopped cashew nuts. Mix until the batter becomes thick.
- In a ceramic pan (I used a round ramekin), spread the batter evenly. Top with marshmallows. I cut the marshmallows in halves so they will not go over the edge of the ramekin.
- Set the microwave in High for 6 minutes and bake away!

Getting settled inside the microwave oven.

Tip: Better to use marshmallows that melt easily for a chewier topping. Here, I used SM Bonus Marshmallows and they did not melt well. There were marshmallows I used before on my s'mores that melted nicely kaso I forgot na the brand. :(

By the way, it’s a bit difficult to cut the brownies while the marshmallows are hot as they stick to the knife. So what I did was I put the brownie in the fridge for a while and cut it in squares once it cooled down.

Potty-Training 101

After several failed attempts to get a urine sample, I have finally, really decided and will commit to potty-training Amber.

I accepted the fact that children Amber’s age must already be potty-trained. I cannot wait until she is in grade school before I realize that.

Kasi naman, it’s been taking us forever for her urinalysis. Although, she isn’t having fever now, I still want to have her urine tested so we can give her the proper medications if she is having again a UTI. Kaso nga -- We. Still. Can’t. Collect. Her. Urine! She always removes the wiwi bag that we put on her. :( 

It’s so frustrating!

So I talked to the Hubby and convinced him to buy a potty trainer!

What we bought previously is a children’s toilet bowl seat - parang adapter seat sha. And the Hubby then thought that this would be enough to train her to sit on the toilet bowl.

Okay naman sana sha kaso Amber cannot climb up the toilet alone. Whereas sa potty trainer, she can just sit on it anytime she feels like relieving herself di ba?

Then one night, the Hubby brought this home:
Amber's so simple yet functional potty.

Amber thought it was another chair. She sat on it and carried it around the house. We explained how it is used. Mukhang naintindihan naman so done with the introductions and proceed to step 1 na kami. ^_^

The next day, I didn’t put diapers on her anymore. Then she told me she wants to pee. I told her to sit in the potty. She sat nga but didn’t remove her shorts and panty. So mega-explain ako, kulang na lang talaga mag-demo ako (which by the way I really did when I brought her inside the bathroom). The little girl removed her shorts kunyari. As in she acted as if she removed her shorts before she sat on the potty. Only, andun pa yung shorts!

She refused to remove the shorts! Hay, buhay! I didn’t know it would be this difficult! But I’m hopeful that by the end of this week, she will be able to tell us when she wants to pee and poop already and we will be able to put the potty in good use!

Yesterday nga pala, she was able to tell us that she will pee. But before I could bring her to where the potty is, ayun, lumabas na si pee. At least, she is beginning to inform us before it happens. Konti na lang and it will be a success! Fingers crossed! ^_^

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Happy Birthday, Ate Nora!

Me: Ate, kelan nga pala ang birthday mo?

Ate Nora: Kahapon po.

Ngek! Ako na ang too late magtanong.

I was planning to ask her when her birthday is weeks ago but I only had the chance to really ask her yesterday. Sadly, lumipas na pala. But at least, wala pang 24 hours. Pwede pa magcelebrate! Yipee!

By the way, Ate Nora is Amber’s not-so-new yaya. She is from Sorsogon. She joined us last April and so far, everything is working great with her and Amber. She has always been patient with Amber. It helps that she is a mother of 6 grown-up children and a grandmother of 2. She just turned 42 last Friday.

She is the reason why Amber's hair is always in a pony or pigtails lately. Ang tyaga nyang ayusan si Amber kahit ubod ng likot! 

Happy birthday, Ate Nora! We wish you good health always!

A Certified Tearjerker

I went to the office today with eyes all puffy and red. Kasi naman, nobody advised me not to watch this film late at night! Ayan, itinulog ko yung maga kong mata, lalong namaga! The culprit:

I must have lost a few good pounds for all the tears I’ve shed for this movie. I knew that it’s a touching movie but I didn’t expect I would be super affected by it. Affected, not in the way because my marriage is going through rubbles but because as a wife, I cannot bear the thought of having my marriage shatter because of pride and selfishness.

If only each couple sees and understands the value of their partners, then maybe we won’t need to have divorces or annulments. Yeah I know, I’m far from being the perfect wife but I could try, with God’s help. J

Now, how can I get my hands on that ‘Love Dare’? It’s not like we need to have our marriage to fall apart first before we can accept the dare, don’t we? ;-)

Hmmm, why don’t I gift the Hubby a copy of the 'Love Dare' since he didn’t watch the movie with me? Malay mo if he takes the challenge... I’ll live to be a queen for 40 days! Hehe! I’m so tired of being a princess na kasi. Hahaha! Echos!

This movie is best seen together with your spouses! ^_^

Friday, August 17, 2012

A Welcome Trade-Off

When I came back in the office after that unexpected day-off to take Amber to the hospital, my boss mentioned that life is really full of trade-offs.

He set for example what happened to me a day before when I was so anxious about Amber’s fever. He said that it is a joy to have children but they can totally turn your life upside down when they are not well or in some serious incidents -- that is the trade-off.

Then I remembered this Facebook wall post from a friend:

So true! Having my baby is the best thing that happened to me. Something that I will never even think of regretting. She can always turn my life upside down for all I care. But of course, I'll always be praying and hoping for her well-being at all times.

Fever, Go Away!

We made a short trip to St. Luke’s ER last Wednesday because Amber’s temperature shoot up to 40 degrees. :(

I’m glad that her CBC results are normal. She was discharged as soon as her temperature normalized. It appears that it was only a viral infection. Thank God! 

At home, Amber was her usual madaldal self. She immediately went back to her activities, playing  Barney online games included.

She became attached to the hospital bracelet kasi pink daw, her favorite color of the season (dati kasi yellow, tas naging red, tas orange). She didn’t want it removed.

When asked what hurts, she’ll touch her head but she’ll never take her eyes off from what she’s doing. 

Sakit daw ulo. :( Ask her again, then she'll touch her tummy, then her legs, and then everything she can get her hands on until you stop from asking her. LOL! 

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Couch Potato Me

What has been on TeeVee? Book to film/TV adaptations! ^_^

Game of Thrones

I failed! I failed again to read the book before seeing the TV adaptation. L

But I have good reasons! One, ang haba ng book! At ang hirap nya basahin, I swear! Two, well, the story is very interesting but it can be very boring at some point. Several times, I was tempted to skip a chapter. I just stop myself because I might miss an important event out of that boring chapter. Third, I got hold of a copy of the TV series, Seasons 1 and 2. Now, what can stop me from watching? Teehee!

I’m glad that I watched the TV series instead. I was instantly hooked. I was able to finish two seasons (equivalent to two books: Game of Thrones and Clash of Kings) in a little over 1 week. Now, I’m so looking forward to the release of the third season (A Storm of Swords).

Hunger Games

I finally watched the movie adaptation last Saturday night! Thanks to the resourceful pirates of the world for making a BluRay copy available 7 days before its expected release! Oh-ha!

Again, it is very disadvantageous knowing the story (by heart) before seeing the film. Feeling ko ambagal ng story. Kasi naman, I was already anticipating the next moves and scenes. I tried all my might not to make kwento while we watch for the benefit of my Hubby who is totally clueless about the film. Ang hirap! Kulang na lang i-stapler ko ang bibig ko, hehe! 

I liked how it was executed. The scenes that made me cry in the book did make me cry in the movie, too. Oo naman, iniyakan ko ang Hunger Games! Haha! At proud ko pa talagang inamin ha. Sows!

Once Upon A Time

I know that this TV Series is not based on a particular book (but of several story books!). Pero isasama ko pa rin sa post na ito. Simply, because I loved this TV Series. All my lazy weekends were spent watching it episode after episode.

I finished 22 episodes in 2 weekends. Marathon to the nth power!

This is about the story of Snow White and the other fairytale characters that were cursed by the Evil Queen. The fairytale characters were brought to a different period and lived in a village called Storybrooke at the present time not knowing who they were in the past and how they are connected to each other. The prophecy is that the curse can be broken by Snow White’s daughter when she reached her 28th year. The baby was sent to live in the present time to save her from the Evil Queen’s wrath.

There you go... aside from mommy and wifey duties, these are the things that make a busy me during weekends. ^_^

Pep Talk With Amber

Amber was looking at herself in the mirror when I felt like engaging her in a small talk.

Mommy: Amber, is Mommy pretty?

Amber: No...


Mommy: Hindi pretty si Mommy?!?

Amber: No. Kasi... kasi...

<Binitin pa talaga.>

Amber: Kasi beautiful si Mommy!

Yun naman pala eh! Hahaha!

Happy 1st Birthday, Kylie!

Kassandra Louise or Kylie is the daughter of the Hubby’s childhood friend and neighbor. She is also the Hubby’s goddaughter. Her birthday celebration was held last August 11. Good thing that the party started at 6PM because we still had time to go to the mall before proceeding to Kylie’s McDonalds party.

We had to go to the mall because Amber would not agree to go to the party if we don’t pass by the mall first. Yes, she isn’t much of a party-goer either. I think it’s because of the loud music and the sound system that booms inside the venue. In the past parties we attended, she always covers her ears whenever the program starts. Since then, we still have to bribe her if we need to attend a party. L

As expected, Amber sat beside me and refused to participate in any activities during the program.

She warmed up a little when she saw Kid Mcdo entered the room. Siguro na-amuse sha kaya she let Tita Dang carry her and take a picture with the mascot.

By the way, hindi lang pala si Amber ang na-amuse kay Kid McDo...
With Daddy is Tito Archie, Kylie's uncle and Daddy's kababata.

When the kids sang ‘Happy Birthday’, na-activate na naman ang bionic ears ni Amber. She ran to her Dad and asked to be carried.

Looks like she is praying here for peace and quietness, hehe!

But at least she got to enjoy herself when the party was over by playing alone with the balloons.

Happy first birthday, baby Kylie! Thank you, Tita Dimples for having us. We had a great time! ^_^


Karen Katz Books

...are Amber’s favorite books at the moment.

Karen Katz is an illustrator and designer who has published several children board books and lift-the-flap books.

The first Karen Katz book she had was from, where else but Booksale! ^_^

It's a lift-the-flap book that Amber enjoys so much. 

Aside from the cute illustration and the vibrant colors, I also find the ‘Where is My Valentines’ book very endearing and it proved me right because everytime Amber asks me to read it to her, I never fail to get a big hug in the end. Why is that?

Because in the book, Mommy gets a hug from Baby, too! You know kids naman, gaya-gaya lang. LOL!

You should have seen how excited Amber was when she saw another Karen Kats Flap Book on a package sent to her by her Tita Kristine.
Amber, pointing at the 'pungkin'

This one naman is for the Halloween season but still as fun to read as our first book.

Look at the little hand that can't wait to lift the flap!

Sana lang I can find more Karen Katz books in Booksale. ^_^

Monday, August 13, 2012

My Little Chef Wannabe

Like most little girls are, Amber is now fond of playing with toy cooking sets. Well, I guess I have Mama to blame for that because she has been bringing home toy stoves, pans and cookwares as pasalubong for her apo everytime she comes home. Ang mga lolang spoiler talaga! ^_^

Eh pahuhuli ba ang Mommy?! Hehe! So I bought her these cute fruit and vegetable toys that she can actually cut in halves.

Nice no? Each half has a Velcro tape that attaches the other half to it. It also comes with toy knives. It felt so real slicing the fruits and vegetables in halves! Ang saya! I had fun playing with it myself.

Amber was so excited that she couldn’t wait until we get home to play with her new toys. Dun pa lang sa mall while we were having snacks, she started to play with them na. ^_^

Sige lang anak, I will be supporting you if you want to be a chef one day. Basta cook Mommy’s favorites lagi ha!

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