Thursday, August 30, 2012

Amber Is Potty-Trained... Almost!

Warning: This post may be too graphic. Reader’s discretion is advised. LOL! ^_^

She already goes to her potty when she wants to pee and poop. In a day, we already have almost zero accident, which only happens when she is asleep.

Even if she’s wearing diapers, she still informs us that she needs to pee.

I guess that means we are done with Step 1.

I’m so glad that I wanted to do cartwheels! But --

The second step and the more challenging step so far is how can we convince her to remove her shorts and panties before sitting on her potty?

Yeah, I know right?

Kawawa naman tuloy si Ate Nora. She has to wash panties and shorts lagi. Buti na lang I bought Amber sandamakmak na panties.

So... HOW-how the carabao?!?

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