Friday, August 17, 2012

Fever, Go Away!

We made a short trip to St. Luke’s ER last Wednesday because Amber’s temperature shoot up to 40 degrees. :(

I’m glad that her CBC results are normal. She was discharged as soon as her temperature normalized. It appears that it was only a viral infection. Thank God! 

At home, Amber was her usual madaldal self. She immediately went back to her activities, playing  Barney online games included.

She became attached to the hospital bracelet kasi pink daw, her favorite color of the season (dati kasi yellow, tas naging red, tas orange). She didn’t want it removed.

When asked what hurts, she’ll touch her head but she’ll never take her eyes off from what she’s doing. 

Sakit daw ulo. :( Ask her again, then she'll touch her tummy, then her legs, and then everything she can get her hands on until you stop from asking her. LOL! 

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