Wednesday, August 22, 2012

A Certified Tearjerker

I went to the office today with eyes all puffy and red. Kasi naman, nobody advised me not to watch this film late at night! Ayan, itinulog ko yung maga kong mata, lalong namaga! The culprit:

I must have lost a few good pounds for all the tears I’ve shed for this movie. I knew that it’s a touching movie but I didn’t expect I would be super affected by it. Affected, not in the way because my marriage is going through rubbles but because as a wife, I cannot bear the thought of having my marriage shatter because of pride and selfishness.

If only each couple sees and understands the value of their partners, then maybe we won’t need to have divorces or annulments. Yeah I know, I’m far from being the perfect wife but I could try, with God’s help. J

Now, how can I get my hands on that ‘Love Dare’? It’s not like we need to have our marriage to fall apart first before we can accept the dare, don’t we? ;-)

Hmmm, why don’t I gift the Hubby a copy of the 'Love Dare' since he didn’t watch the movie with me? Malay mo if he takes the challenge... I’ll live to be a queen for 40 days! Hehe! I’m so tired of being a princess na kasi. Hahaha! Echos!

This movie is best seen together with your spouses! ^_^


  1. Thank you for the heads up, sissy!
    Downloading now.. 37mins and 22 seconds left :)

  2. Sis,
    Have you seen 1 Liter of Tears na pala? :) if not, go, go, go download! Promise, iiyak ka din ng bongga :)

    1. nakow sis, nakakatakot ang title. parang made-dehydrate ako, hahaha! sige, i'll check it out. tnx-tnx!


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