Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Amber’s Weird Taste in Medicine

Why is it that she doesn’t like to drink fruity tasting medicines and vitamins but doesn’t give a fit when given dark green colored Lagundi syrup?!? She even says that it's her favorite medicine!

Gulping every last drop of it.

Weird taste buds!

A Note On Our Bedroom Door

Recipe: Pan-cooked Pork Barbecue

I know how hard it is to plan daily meals, especially if you have a husband like mine – super picky!

I am always thankful of the recipes that I find in the net. They keep me sane. So, in the spirit of giving back, I’d like to share with you a hit but very simple pork barbecue recipe from my MIL.

We normally do not measure the ingredients, we do it the tantya-tantya way. :) I’ll try to make the nearest estimate of the ingredients, feel free to make your own adjustments if it turns out too sweet or too salty for your taste. :)

-1/2 to ¾ kg Pork (can use porkchop, pork steak, pork ribs)
-4 tbsp soy sauce 
-2 tbsp oyster sauce
-6 cloves of garlic, minced
-2 tbsp sugar 
-juice of 4 calamansi
-cooking oil

Here’s how to cook it:
1.    Mix all ingredients in a bowl and marinade pork for at least 30mins.
2.    You can grill the pork, (keep it marinated for a longer time) basting it with the marinade as it cooks or the easier way, which we often do – put the pork together with the marinade in a heavy pan and let it simmer over medium heat until the sauce is reduced.
3.    Once the sauce is reduced, pour a little cooking oil and cook until the meat is tender. You may turn the meat over to cook it evenly.

That’s it! Perfect with a steaming white rice and sautéed veggies on the side. 
We used pork ribs here.

Monday, September 29, 2014

It’s Nanay’s Birthday!

We celebrated Nanay’s birthday by having lunch at Uncle Cheffy in Festival Mall. Yay! I was so excited that I’ll get to taste Cheffy Cheesecake again!

Since I didn’t eat breakfast that morning, I wanted to order everything that’s on the menu, so I just let Nanay and the Hubby decide what they want on our table as long as I’ll have my cheesecake later.

We wondered why Amber kept on standing on her seat then the Hubby discovered that ghost-like image of a little girl on the mirror on the other side of the resto. 
Was she trying to scare herself of her own reflection? 

And because I didn’t get a picture of everything that we ordered, I will not talk about them anymore but have to mention that I love the Tiuey Noodles!

At least I got to ask the Hubby to take a picture of the Rolled-up Panizza that I assembled!

Quite proud of my masterpiece. ^_^

I was disappointed when my Cheffy Cheesecake arrived.

It lacked the beauty that their branch in Venice Piazza presented on plate. I was looking for the choco shavings and the bed of chocolate fudge where the cheesecake should be seated but they weren’t there. This plate was as simple as it can be. Even the taste seemed different. Oh well, at least the crew here were nicer and very attentive.

May I also add, that in most desserts na may cherry, ‘save-the-best-for-last’ ko yang cherry na yan. Ngayown, while I’m taking a picture of the cake, may nakaabang na sa kawawang cherry.  

At the end of it all, what’s important is that we had a sumptuous meal.

Happy birthday, Nanay! My wish for you is to have more happy, strong and healthy years with us. I may not tell you this often but I’m sure you know how much I love you. I’ll forever be grateful for all the sacrifices you made for me. I may have questioned some of your decisions before but now that I’m already a mom myself, I came to understand why you chose not to do the things I thought you should have done, I respect the decisions you made and I admire you for weathering the storm alone for me. I love you, Nanay!

Thursday, September 25, 2014

"Milk Cookies"

They're not Otaps. They just look like it. ^_^

Amber called them ‘Milk Cookie’ and liked how they tasted. She said “So yummy, Mommy!”, and even had a few more servings after her first bite.

It’s crunchy outside but very chewy and milky inside.

It’s actually my failed attempt in making Toasted Pastillas!

Yup, my intent was to make toasted pastillas but I might have put too much condensed milk that it turned out gooey and even after I doubled the measurement of powdered milk, I still can’t make them firm enough to form small cubes. So I ended up having small logs, which flattened out when toasted.

Oh well, at least they still turned out yum-yum, that it was gone minutes after. Most of all, Amber and I had a fun time making them.
Enjoying the gooey dough. :)

I found another recipe online and might give it a try one of these days. ;)

Friday, September 05, 2014

“Mommy, Let’s Take A Picture Of Us!”

And so, I obliged! :)

Anak, maybe I should hold the camera instead.
Nawawala ako sa frame pag ikaw kumukuha ng pics e. LOL!

I've been tricked! Sabi nya silly face daw, eh!

Hmmm, can’t help but notice that lately, you are beginning to look more like your Dad and less like me. Bakeeettt ganun?!? 

Filipino Subject Woes

I knew it! I mentioned here my concern about the result of Amber's Filipino exams, which I haven’t gotten yet at that time. So I wasn't surprised when I saw it the other day.
Oh yes, she knows how to write her full name.
She just doesn't have the patience to do it. :(

Buko becomes Biko, and Baso is Beso. ;/

And that animal in #29 is called ISA!

Guess, we really have a lot of catching up to do in Filipino! Sigh!

Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Best Bridal Veil Ever!

I’m beginning to love her!

It’s not about the uniqueness of her wedding dress, but the thoughts put behind the making of her veil that makes me think she is truly awesome! 
Artworks of her kids were embroidered on her wedding veil!

Who needs and cares about flawless and glamorous wedding dresses? You rock, Angie! 
Just beautiful!

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