Thursday, September 25, 2014

"Milk Cookies"

They're not Otaps. They just look like it. ^_^

Amber called them ‘Milk Cookie’ and liked how they tasted. She said “So yummy, Mommy!”, and even had a few more servings after her first bite.

It’s crunchy outside but very chewy and milky inside.

It’s actually my failed attempt in making Toasted Pastillas!

Yup, my intent was to make toasted pastillas but I might have put too much condensed milk that it turned out gooey and even after I doubled the measurement of powdered milk, I still can’t make them firm enough to form small cubes. So I ended up having small logs, which flattened out when toasted.

Oh well, at least they still turned out yum-yum, that it was gone minutes after. Most of all, Amber and I had a fun time making them.
Enjoying the gooey dough. :)

I found another recipe online and might give it a try one of these days. ;)

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