Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Kids, Do Not Try This At Home

...Or elsewhere!

This is not actually a prank nor intended to be one. The Hubby did this with no malice in mind.

Oo na, ako yung malisyosa as I was the one who took the picture. ^_^

He filled the Gatorade bottle with drinking water when he went biking last Monday in that famous trail in Sta. Rosa. I really had to mention the place kasi I’m planning to blog about that later, after I get all the information from him. The place looks great in the pictures! ^_^

Sabi nya, he will reuse the bottle and fill it with kerosene, which he uses to remove asphalt splatters and other dirt from his car. I don’t know if I got it correctly. So he asked me to put a label on it which I did. Kaso may tubig pa pala. Nanghinayang ang lolo so he finished it off. 

Kaloka lang tingnan sa picture!

Recipe: Tuna Fettuccini

Here’s something to redeem my cooking skills (like I have?!?!). Ang totoo, I only copied this from a n@wie sister, Pamela. Hehe! You can find the original recipe here.

I substituted some of the ingredients with what I already have available. ^_^

Here are the ingredients I used:
- Fettuccini, about 250g,
- Century Tuna Hot & Spicy, 1 can,
- Nestle All Purpose Cream, 1 pack,
- Button Mushrooms, sliced
- Garlic, 4 cloves finely chopped,
- Onion, finely chopped,
- Cheddar Cheese, grated
- Canola Oil, 2 Tbsp
- Salt and Pepper to taste.

How To:
- Cook the pasta according to package instruction.
- Sautee Garlic and Onion in Canola Oil.
- Add in Mushrooms when the garlic starts to become brown.
- Add in the Tuna Flakes. I set aside the oil for later use. Simmer.
- Put the All Purpose Cream and Cheese then simmer for about a minute allowing the flavors to blend.
- Add Salt and Pepper to taste.
- You may put the Tuna oil if you want to add more tuna flavor in the dish.
- Toss in the pasta and it’s ready to serve.

So yummy!!!

I had to make another set using the non-spicy Century Tuna Flakes so that my daughter and Sister-in-law can try. My picky-eater baby finished 1 serving and even requested for more!

Thank you, Pamela for this simple but mouth-watering recipe! ^_^

Recipe: Crema de Fruta (Failed!)

The title already says that my attempt to create a fruity masterpiece failed, but I thought of sharing it still. Someone out there might know where I failed at and hopefully can tell me how I can amend whatever mistakes I have made during the process. ^_^ 

I’ll tell you why it’s a failure as I go along...


How to:
- Mix the Cream, Milk, Butter and Egg in a pan. Simmer until it thickens. **But it never did thicken, made me wonder why.**
- Arrange Graham Crackers on the baking dish. Pour the cream mixture. Put the fruits on top of the mixture. Make another Graham Cracker, Cream mixture and Fruit layer. **Since the cream mixture did not thicken, it made the crackers float. It was supposed to hold the crackers down, isn’t it?**
- Cook the Gelatine according to package instruction. I used the Mr. Gulaman brand. Half a portion of the sachet is just enough for this recipe. Then slowly pour the cooked gelatine over the arrangement. **This is when I knew everything will not turn out well. The gelatine went all over the dish. It was supposed to stay on top and cover the fruits but it submerged instead.**
- Chill then serve. **I had to freeze it to set the stubborn cream.**

The taste would have been perfect! Masarap talaga in fernes lalo na yung cream, para shang ice cream! It melts in your mouth. But the presentation sucked! I was thinking of doing this again. But I have to figure out what went wrong first.

Calling my fairy cooking godmother...

What? I'm Still A Boyband Fan?!?!

Before anything else, please refrain from making a laughingstock out of me, okay? As I’ve got enough ridiculing from myself already. ^_^ 

Ganito kasi yun, out of nothing to do and watch last Sunday, I've seen the 2010 American Video Awards (yeah, I know, so a year late!) on Starworld. I was instantly glued to the TV when they introduced the Backstreet Boys performing with the New Kids on the Block...

After almost 2 decades, I was surprised to find out that I haven’t lost my fascination to boybands just yet! Well, there were just 2 of them that I really enjoyed listening to – Backstreet Boys and Blue. It even broke my heart when my dearest Duncan James came out, I still feel hurt and betrayed up to now, huhu! (And drama, grabe! ^_^).

So ayun, I was switching channels when I heard them being introduced. Wala naman sanang unusual but I can feel that my jaw was dropping when they began to dance, I was singing their songs at the top of my lungs and I was wearing that big grin on my face. Tipong kinikilig. Waaaaahhhh!!! Ang baduy ko pa rin pala!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle!

Wonder what these are for???

They're for my little upcoming project! ^_^

I decided to get rid of some hotel brochures from our filing cabinet in the office because they are already piling up. But I cannot find it in my heart to throw them away. It may not show in the pictures but the cardboard and paper quality is so nice!
Isn't this an already perfect album cover?

The colors are actually really vibrant.

This picture makes a nice background!

I can put a real ribbon over the middle band
and it'll pass for an album cover, too!

This picture is so pretty!

So, I’m going to use them and make them a part of my project.

Will gladly show them to you once it’s done! 

I'm so happy to be doing my own share of reducing, reusing and recycling. ^_^

On Showing Gratitude

One does not have to take an extra mile to show appreciation for an effort made for him or her. A simple “Thank You” would suffice. 

And how hard can that be in this text messaging age and time?... In the land known to be the texting capital of the world? 

Yes, some still fails to make even the simplest form of recognition. L

It saddens me...

Ayan, mega-drama na naman ang lola, kasi naman eh! May aspirations ata akong maging dramatic actress?!?! Wehehe! May pinanggagalingan lang po. ;-p

Pero erase-erase na, I'm okay now. THANK YOU!!! ^_^

Living With In-Laws

I officially lived with my in-laws 2 weeks before I gave birth. Uhm, that'll be a little over 2 years now.

I had to set aside my apprehensions to give way to a more comfortable environment for my baby daughter.

Everything was and still is easy. I’m fortunate to having a very kind, generous and loving mother-in-law. I can only think of the nicest things to say about her.

But no matter how easy living with them is, I would still prefer to live on our own and set my own rules. Where I can really do what I want and be as carefree as how I would like to be.

I’d rather live only within our means, no matter how difficult it may have to be. We must learn it our own way.

I love my in-laws, they have been very good to me. They showed me so much kindness and acceptance. But wanting to live on our own doesn’t make me love them less. I hope that when the time comes that we have to move out, they would be as accepting.

Me just thinking aloud,

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Alanis Rocks!

This song was played last night on the radio when the Hubby and I were on our way home. It was very familiar that we sang with it to our heart’s content!

I have liked Alanis Morissette eversince. I knew almost all her hit songs by heart! I even dubbed myself then as A-LANIE SIM-ORESSETTE (SIM is my maiden name). Haha! Feelingera. ^_^

Oh no! I’m not as good as her. I can’t even carry a tune, my goolay! But I try to do some (rather a lot of) videoke singing around the company of my officemates. Tipong lakasan lang ng loob at mukha. Hehe!

Here’s another favorite...

Feel free to sing along! ^_^

Find Me Someone Else To Talk To

Hay naku naman kasi... bakit hindi ko mapigil ang kadaldalan ko!

Yes, I’m the madaldal type. You seldom see me quiet. I love talking, sharing stories, giving my opinions.

Oh, let me get that straight before anyone misinterprets... I’m madaldal as in talkative, not the bragging and gossipy talkative type but the opinionated and share-what-I-know talkative kind. Hindi ata ako mabubuhay ng walang kausap.

Kaso mo, may mga tao na ang hirap kausap. Pag may sinabi ka laging iniisipan ng kakaiba. Sample:

ME: I’ve seen a girl kanina wearing a very nice dress. I like talaga. San kaya nya nabili yun?
SHA: For all you know baka galing ukay-ukay lang yun.

Toinks! @#$$%!

Isa pa...

ME: Nakakatuwa naman tong binabasa kong blog. Nalilibang ako sa mga outfit of the day posts nya (implying na gusto ko gayahin, hehe!).
SHA: Gusto lang nya iyabang yung mga damit nya. Baka nga hindi sha or hindi talaga kanya yan e.

Waaaaahh!!!! Hanuba??? Ang hirap makipag-usap!!!! Bakit kasi hindi pwedeng makipag-usap sa sarili?!?! Huhuhu! Vaket???

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

On Supporting Parents

I just had a heated argument with 2 of my officemates. I hate it when sometimes a simple conversation about a certain topic leads to an argument.

The topic was if children should support their parents even if they already have a family of their own.

My say is simple, whether the child does or does not have a family, it is to the child’s capacity and/or good heart if he/she is willing to support the parents. Otherwise, children should not be forced into taking care of their parents. They can help all they want as long as they don’t feel obligated.

I may sound like an arrogant, disrespectful and ungrateful human being but this is what I believe in.

I know that the topic is somewhat broad because there are too many factors to be considered like what if the parents are sickly, too old to fend for themselves, etc. Well, that’s a different story but still, it should be the children’s kindness and love for their parents that would drive them into helping their parents and never that they are forced to doing it.

I guess the terms responsibility and obligation are the key words.

I often hear my Nanay say that she worked hard to put me to school so I can have a good future because that was her responsibility to me as my parent. She is firm to say that children do not have to feel that they are obligated to take care of their parents, they do it because it is their will. And I respect her more for that.

I can’t stand hearing parents say that they are working hard for their children so their children can help them and their family in return, para “maiahon sa kahirapan”. It seems to me that they are “investing” instead of doing their responsibility to their children.

By the way, I support my mother not because she asks nor obliges me to. I do it because she raised me well and that I love her. 

Booksale Finds

While waiting for the Hubby yesterday, I checked out Booksale in Festival Mall if they have a new batch of children’s books. Lo and behold, there were just too many that I had a hard time choosing. By the time I finished scouring, I was holding on to almost 10 books!

After I have chosen which books I like, I began sorting them out. Those that have torn pages are out! ... Heavy creases, out!... Dilapidated covers, out! Good thing I still have 3 books left. ^_^

Beauty and the Beast. This is Amber’s 2nd book for her Disney Princesses collection. The first one is Cinderella.

How Do I Love You? ... let me count the ways. So classic!

Where Are The Bugs? This, I think is her favorite among her 3 recent books.

She enjoyed lifting the flaps to uncover the hidden bugs!

They only cost me P195! Yes, all 3 of them! Isn’t that a big steal?!?! And they all seemed like they are brand new books! The flaps of the Where Are The Bugs book looked like they have never been lifted yet.

When it comes to children’s books, I so love Booksale!!! 

Here is the little girl beaming with joy, so happy with her new books. 

She just couldn’t get enough of it that she looked for them first when she woke up this morning. I’m so happy seeing that books make her face light up.

Iced Milk Tea ala Nai Cha

At long last! I finally found the perfect milk tea recipe that would rival that of Chowking’s Nai Cha, which I am so addicted to.

I posted here my love for Nai Cha last week. A friend read it and gave me a recipe that I immediately tried. Minus the Tea Jelly, it tasted so much like the Nai Cha I am so fond of!

So I am sharing this to those Nai Cha lovers out there!

What you will need:
- Lipton Yellow Label Tea, 2 Tea bags 
- Water, 1 Cup 
- Evaporated Milk, 1 Cup
  (Erratum: This should only be 1/3 cup. ^_^) 
- Sugar, 2 Tbsp
- Ice (can be cubes or crushed, whatever you have available)

Simple way to do it:
- Steep 2 tea bags of Lipton Yellow Label in 1 cup of hot water until the water becomes dark brown. I left it overnight and it became opaque brown, I preferred it this way because it gave out a strong tea flavor.
- Pour in the cold Milk and Sugar and stir like there’s no tomorrow,... or only until the sugar melts. ^_^
- Add Ice. If you want to reduce the sweetness, you may put in more ice!

There you go... your very own Nai Cha, for less than half the price. O sige na, yung difference sa price nung sa Chowking ay dahil sa tea jelly na di na kaya i-accommodate ng busy kong schedule ang paggawa. Tarush! ;-p

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Excess Baggage

No, I’m not referring to cellulites and love handles (OUCH!).

In one of our Psychology subjects in College, the professor asked the class if we think that a half-filled glass he is holding is heavy. The class then replied that it’s not as it must only weighed a few grams. The professor asked us again if it would be heavy if he has to carry it for hours. Nobody was able to answer right away. We were all figuring out where this is heading to. The professor put the glass down on the table and said that letting go of it makes it weightless.

It was a perfect analogy on learning how to forgive, forget and move on.

I held on to this wisdom, no matter how hard it is. I always slip but I try to practice it for my own sake.

It is quite a challenge as we are only humans and instinct dictates that we should be mad when people do us wrong. There’s nothing wrong with being angry actually. What’s unhealthy is to allow this feeling to linger.

Take in the half-filled glass of water. It may have an insignificant weight to begin with but holding it overtime, it will tire you. Hatred, anger, when kept for long can destroy its possessor.

And consider one more thing, does your anger affect the person who caused it to you? If the answer is no, then it’s time to move on. Forgive and forget. Remember the lessons. Learn from it. But forget the pain completely. You do not need those baggage in your life. Carrying it will only wear you out. ^_^

Four Precious Days!

Long weekend, here you come! A few days left and we will be staying home longer than the usual. Literally, staying at home.

Well, we have not made any plans for a short trip someplace yet. Err, make that - We did not make any plans for a short trip someplace PERIOD!

Eh kasi, the budget secretary did not allot funds for an unforeseen trip. Eh ayaw naman ng president to divert funds kaya kiber lang. ^_^

On a brighter side... matutulog kami maghapon! Masaya kaya yun lalo na if you are like us na kahit maghapon nang tulog, e feeling sleep-deprived pa din. Harhar!

Saka we'll get to spend more time with the cute, makulit and madaldal na little girl pa!

Oo na, those are just obvious excuses to cover up the disappointments of not being able to go out, greet the sun and meet the world... Eklavu!  

Oh wait, I have to download movies pa pala (better be prepared, nothing goes wrong with watching movies at home while munching on your favorite popcorn!)... be back in a bit! ^_^

Must See Dentist

I am so worried about Amber’s teeth that I want to bring her to the dentist right away. She was sleeping in my arms the other day and I tried to wipe away the yellowish marks on her front teeth using a clean cloth. It won’t be wiped away. I washed my hands and ran a finger on the yellowish marks, they seemed to be cavities. I felt so panicked that I wanted to scoop her at that instant and bring her to the dentist.

But the Hubby was quick to say that bringing her to the dentist is easy but having her sit and cooperate is another thing.

We have brought her to the dentist 5 months ago but it wasn’t successful. She never opened her mouth no matter how nicely the dentist asked. The dentist tried to trick her several times but her lips were just glued together.

I guess it was our fault because we failed to brief her prior to the visit.

We managed to make her brush every night... on her own though, because she wouldn’t let us help her. I don’t know if it is helping that she just bites on the bristles and does not really brush her teeth as she is supposed to.

I feel so helpless! I so badly want to preserve her milk teeth but if they already have cavities at this stage, I have to find a way how to stop it from progressing!

I have to bring her to the dentist soon!!!

So I have to convince her...

I started the conversation by telling her that dentists are our teeth’s doctor and that they help us take care of our teeth. Blah, blah, blah...

She is listening intently. I was hopeful.

Then I asked her, “Would you like us to visit the dentist?”.

That was the only time she spoke. With conviction, she said, “AYAAAAAW!!!”.

Waaaaaahhhh... pano naman kaya yun?!?!

I already instructed Tita Renee to make her familiar with dentists since it seems to me that she listens to her more.

Kaso eto nangyari...

Tita Renee: Bhe, punta ka sa dentist ha...

Amber just listens.

Tita Renee: Titingnan ng dentist ang teeth mo, sasabihin nya, “Raaaawwwwrrr”.

I was surprised talaga because she roared and made a monster-like gesture.

Josme! Tama ba naman yun?!?! Eh di lalong matatakot yung anak ko!!!

I called Tita’s attention and explained to her that I wanted her to make Amber comfortable with dentists. And what she did will only scare Amber more. Kelangan pa ba naman i-explain yun in the first place?!?

Haaay, maha-high blood ako! Buti na lang masarap yung niluto nyang ulam kagabi.

Guess, I have to prepare her myself.

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