Tuesday, May 28, 2013

I'm A Schoolgirl's Mom

Amber is officially going to a big school this year! Yay! It wasn’t really a difficult decision on our part. After she finished a year in toddler school with very minimal absences (that were not her own doing. She even wanted to go to school even on weekends, mind you), we figured she will get through a year in a formal class without any problems. FINGERS CROSSED.

I’ll be extra busy this weekend because I have to buy a cloth for Amber’s uniform, the smallest size RTW kasi sa school does not fit her. Mashado pa rin malaki. So I’ll just ask a seamstress, who I still have to look for, to make Amber her uniforms.

The shoes... the shoes! I haven’t bought her a black shoes yet! That and a bag. :(

The books, I’ll be paying this weekend na rin, so that’ll be crossed out from my list by next week.

My main problem now is the school service.

Those accredited by the school, ang hirap kausap!

Ate Judith said there is a neighbor who offers school services, pero wala nang slot because all of the village already commissioned his services. Saka as much as possible, he does not accept students younger than a 3rd grader. Ang hirap daw kasi hanapin pag sobrang bata, hindi marunong sumunod sa pick-up point. Sayang, mas okay sana sha because he lives in the same village.

Sigh! I’ve never been this agitated when she was in toddler school. Feeling ko kasi, ibang level na to. This is real school! Feel na feel ko na aatend ako ng PTAs. Excited much!

This is it, pancit! I am now a mommy of a big-schoolgirl! Mas excited pa ako. Join me in my new quest -- as a schoolgirl's mom. :)

Thursday, May 23, 2013

I am a hundred peso poorer.


Well, actually, this bill came from the Hubby. He swore he got it from an ATM but was surprised that nobody in the mall wanted to accept it.

We never doubted it to be a counterfeit until I used it in a bank. It looked so real! Only badly tattered, but so real!

The teller, with just a touch of the bill, immediately confirmed that it is fake! Everything began to appear so obvious once we became aware. :(

Beware everyone. Be extra vigilant. 

Monday, May 13, 2013

Weekend Movies: Warm Bodies


No wonder it got a high 7.2 rating in IMDB. Not that I consider the ratings highly credible but at least I use it as basis whether to watch a movie or not.

Despite it being a romance movie (zombie and romance? Go figure.), the Hubby agreed to watching it because, you guessed it right, it has zombies.

If you don’t know it yet, my Hubby, for reasons I don’t know, is very fascinated with zombie movies. He has watched almost every zombie movie available in video. Creepy huh?!

The movie is the kind that will grow on you. It’s such a feel good movie that after seeing it, you’ll find yourself wearing that big smile instead of feeling grossed out like what gory zombie films do. Well, I don’t know if it will have the same effect on you but it sure had on me. :)

It’s a whole different approach to zombie films where the undead are depicted as rotting corpses that came to life only to eat human brains. In this movie, the undead discovered that they have this triggering point when they can go back to life and live in normalcy.

If you don’t have anything to do this weekend, you may want to see it. :)

Promise not to tell the Hubby that I shared this with you but even he, with his unromantic, no-drama persona, said that this is his favorite zombie movie at the moment. Of course I looked at him intently and tried to gage if he was being serious, he then said, “I said it already, don’t push it!”. Hahahaha! He is really such a softie inside. ^_^

And I found out that this movie is an adaptation of a Novel with the same title that is inspired by Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. Ohh, that explains the names...


Friday, May 03, 2013

Taking A Seat

What makes this picture special???

Amber agreed (finally!) to take her own seat in the car! She didn't even make a fuss when I put her seat belt on! Yipee!

You see, whenever we travel, Amber sits on my lap. No matter how I beg her to sit beside me, being the big girl that she already is, she won’t give in.

She is so used to making Mommy’s lap her bolster seat, no matter how far the trip is! Imagine how my legs and feet feel as we reach our destination... none, exactly! They’re numb!

I’m so looking forward to a more comfortable ride now that my legs are free to make use of the car’s spacious legroom. Hmmm, freedom! LOL!

Amber’s Profile Picture

The Hubby and I usually sleep before Amber does. So as not to disturb the tired parents’ journey in dreamland, Amber lulls herself to sleep by taking pictures of herself. She.Does.This.Every.Night.

I saw this on the Hubby’s phone the next day and it reminded me of some Facebook Profile Pictures I've seen. It's cute! Gagayahin ko ito one day! Hahahaha!

Doesn’t she look way older in this photo?!?

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