Friday, March 30, 2012

All Aboard!

Amber is lately very fascinated with trains. She always watches Thomas Train in Youtube. And she often speaks of the train in Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (may train nga ba dun?).

Last night, she did this...

These are train coaches daw. She asked me to sit on one of the chairs and reminded me to put on the imaginary seat belt.

After that, she unbuckled her ‘seat belt’ and went inside the house to get Mama. She asked her to ride on the train, never forgetting to remind Mama to wear her seat belt. Mama won’t let me take her picture though. ^_^

Then Amber yelled, “All aboard! Chaba-chaba-chaba-chaba-chu-chooo!”. Pramis, dinig hangang kabilang block yung boses nya!

On the next stop, she got off the ‘train’ and went inside the house. We heard her spoke to her Tita Kate, “Tita Kate, gusto mo ride sa train, DI BA?”. She said it in a very condescending manner that we couldn’t resist laughing. Parang you-have-to-stop-at-what-you're-doing-and-must-ride-in-my-train tone!

Ang kulet! She never stopped until she got us all riding in her train. ^_^

My mouse died on me. :’-(

It’s not even 2 years yet. :(

Ganun na ba talaga ka-ikli ang lifespan ng mga gadgets ngayon? Wala bang pang-lifetime?

My lappy will be extremely sad.

Thursday, March 29, 2012


Hap-Chan’s cute kiddie booster seat gave Amber a nice homey feeling. ^_^

Karate Kid Affordable Meals

I was handed with a flyer on my way to the supermarket in Trinoma that showed this...

They offer a very affordable Japanese-inspired menu that I cannot resist, so off we go to the Karate Kid counter in Trinoma’s food court.

The Hubby and I, by the way, are not big sashimi ang maki fans. We stick to the teriyaki, tepanyaki, tonkatsu meals most of the time. Those are what made Japanese food close to our hearts. ^_^

We ordered Chicken Teriyaki for the Hubby, Fish Katsu for me and Tofu Furai.

Unlike other Chicken Teriyaki, theirs was not filleted. But it tasted good. At P99, it sure is one reasonably-priced meal!

I enjoyed my meal mainly because it comes with a stir-fried vegetable side dish. I love how a side dish gives variety of flavors to a main dish. And the veggies, although nothing extra-special went well with the breaded fish fillet.

The Tofu Furai (P55) was yummy! I like the contrasting texture of the soft tofu as against its crispy coating. How I wish I’d know how to copy the dip that goes with it. It would be perfect for my Crispy Tofu that I’m planning to cook this Lenten Season.

Add P20 to each meal and you’ll have yourself a refreshing Red Iced Tea.

We will definitely try the other affordable meals in their menu on our next trip to the supermarket!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Close-Up Shots

What happens when you entrust Amber with the camera?'ll get about a dozen of her very similarly close-up shots. ^_^

Magnum Chocolate Bar

I also thought that it was a tad overpriced for an ice cream bar but the first time the Hubby and I tried it, thanks to that should-be-paid-blog of Em where I learned about it, I convinced myself was convinced that it was reasonably priced after all.

We never fail to treat ourselves with a bar of Magnum every time we pass by a supermarket or a convenience store. Minsan, sinasadya na talaga naming dumaan. ;-)

It was so addicting that I had to blog about it as well (for memory's sake. ^_^).

I first tried the Magnum Almond since I love anything with Almonds but I preferred the Magnum Classic more because its chocolate layer has a more bitter taste. We only got to taste the Truffle very recently as it was always out of stock but my palate easily favored it over the others.

With its creamy ice cream and thick Begian chocolate layer, which I am so crazy about, Magnum easily became our favorite ice cream bar to date!

I wish they would produce the Magnum Dark here. I am so looking forward to that! ^_^


Museong Pambata Birthday Party

We attended a birthday party last Sunday at the Museong Pambata. The celebrator PB is the daughter of Hubby’s former co-worker, Benjie.

He informed us that there will be a tour around the museum right after the party. I was looking forward to it. I was even more excited. Feel na feel ko mag-museum tour, kahit pambata pa yun!

Here are some pictures from that day.

With Amber is her new-found friend, Bella.

I must admit that I’m one lazy, kill-joy Mom! I wasn’t keen on participating on any of the games. Wala lang, sobrang deadma. I have to work on it though if I want my toddler to really have a great time on parties.

There was a face-painting corner. I wanted Amber to have Minnie painted on her hand but there was already a long line of kids waiting for their turn so sabi ko balik na lang kami. I should've waited kasi when I remembered to go back, wala na si Kuya Painter! Toink! Buti na lang Bella gave Amber this toy to keep her entertained.

But the museum tour was a hit for Amber! She almost didn't want to leave. Warning: Loads of pictures ahead!!!

Amber totally ignored the tortoise. She was more interested in counting the numbers.

Heading to the museum.

The little Amber in front of the little cathedral.

Uh-oh! I think she doesn't want to be a vegetarian. :(

'Sneak-peeking' ang bago kong bangs! ^_^

Amber kept on pushing Daddy back inside the 'eco-system'. 

There were giant ants...

...and my best friend spider, too!

Exploring what's inside our mouth.

I bet they talked about colors instead. LOL!

Mommy taught Amber how to plant Palay. Bella naman showed us how to harvest them. :D

Here is where Amber stayed the longest! Feel na feel nya ang buhay sa Bahay Kubo.

Amber was so curious that Daddy had to show her how to use this old-school water pump.

The neighborhood convenience store.

Daddy teaches Amber how to play chess.

Adorable barkers. ^_^

Who says driving and modelling don't mix?


Superhero Amber.

Time to say buh-bye! ^_^

Happy 1st birthday, PB! Thank you, Benj and PJ for inviting us. We had a fun-educational time! ^_^

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Recipe: Easy Tuna Curry

Since my limited kitchen exposure doesn't give me enough courage to cook my favorite Chicken Curry yet, I experimented first with a simpler and easier ingredient that is canned tuna. What can go wrong with a canned tuna after all? ^_^

- 1 can Century Hot and Spicy Tuna
- 1 medium-sized Potato, diced
- 1 medium-sized Carrots, diced (this was unavailable during cooking time)
- 1 small onion, sliced
- 1 tbsp cooking oil
- 1 tsp Curry Powder
- 1 tbsp Powdered Gata, dissolved in 3 tbsp Water (you may add more Gata powder:water ratio if you want to make your dish creamier)
- Salt and Pepper to taste

1. Sautee onion in cooking oil until translucent.
2. Add Tuna, Potato and Carrot. Simmer until vegetables are cooked. Add water if you opt to drain the Tuna flakes from its oil.
3. Sprinkle the Curry Powder. Mix and simmer for a minute.
4. When the vegetables are cooked, which is very easy since they are cut in very small portions, add in the Gata mixture. Simmer for about a minute then it’s ready to be served!

A perfect topping to your steaming white rice!

Monday, March 26, 2012

A Graduation Story

Because it’s Graduation month, allow me to share a funny and hard-to-believe-but-true story of a College classmate that happened in 2002. Actually, it’s the Hubby who’s really friends with this classmate who will finally be graduating from College in I-can’t-remember-how-many-years-after because he kept on shifting courses.

So finally ito na. I wouldn’t say he’s not excited because he even went to get his gown and cap weeks before the ceremony. One time, he was talking to another classmate on the phone when he remembered to ask something.

Classmate 1 (M): Pare, kelan na nga ba yung graduation?
Classmate 2 (C): Bakit ga-graduate ka ba?
M: Oo naman! Kelan nga ba uli yun?
C: Pare, seryoso ka ba?
M: Oo nga! Kelan?
C: Last Saturday, Pare!

The Hubby and I can’t help not to laugh every time we talk about it. He even replied a "walang ganyanan!", thinking that the other classmate was only making fun of him. He was really clueless.

Isa kang tunay na alamat, M! Bwahahaha!

Congratulations to the Graduates of 2012! ^_^

A Spider Encounter

Have I told you how frightened terrified I am of spiders?! I’m not talking about those eensy-weensy spiders but those who usually carry their squid-ball-sized egg with them. That size and bigger... please... I beg you, stay away from me!

The last weekend we went to Nanay, I had so far the closest encounter to one of them and it really freaked the hell out of me! I ended up crying and almost inconsolable! Busit na gagamba yan! Akala ba nya, feel ko makipag-patintero sa kanya!

Amber kept asking me, “what’s wrong, Mommy?”. And imagine my shame as I tell her that a spider almost crawled on my foot. Pano ko pa kakantahin ang isa sa favorite songs nya kung saan bida si spider?!?


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