Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Magnum Chocolate Bar

I also thought that it was a tad overpriced for an ice cream bar but the first time the Hubby and I tried it, thanks to that should-be-paid-blog of Em where I learned about it, I convinced myself was convinced that it was reasonably priced after all.

We never fail to treat ourselves with a bar of Magnum every time we pass by a supermarket or a convenience store. Minsan, sinasadya na talaga naming dumaan. ;-)

It was so addicting that I had to blog about it as well (for memory's sake. ^_^).

I first tried the Magnum Almond since I love anything with Almonds but I preferred the Magnum Classic more because its chocolate layer has a more bitter taste. We only got to taste the Truffle very recently as it was always out of stock but my palate easily favored it over the others.

With its creamy ice cream and thick Begian chocolate layer, which I am so crazy about, Magnum easily became our favorite ice cream bar to date!

I wish they would produce the Magnum Dark here. I am so looking forward to that! ^_^



  1. Waaah! palging wlang truffle flavor sa grocery :(

    1. ay oo sis, i get to find them on convenience stores lang. bilis siguro maubos sa grocery.


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