Monday, March 19, 2012

HK Trip 2012: Day 1 Kwento

We took the 10AM flight to HK via PAL. We got to the airport at 8AM, just enough time to check in our what-looked-like-1-month-worth-of-baggage (andami naming dalang damit, exagge!).

Amber was so excited to see the airplanes. She kept on saying, “Look, airplane oh! Laki-laki! Yun oh, airplane, laki-laki! Look!”. Repeat that 100 times! 8-)

Unlike Amber’s first airplane ride, she was awake when the plane took off. Sobrang binabantayan ko sha because I was so worried that she might feel uncomfortable as the plane ascends. Pero parang wala lang. As soon as we unbuckled her seatbelt, she sat on my lap for a better view outside. I was seated on the window seat kasi. After a few minutes, she slept and only woke up as we are about to land. Generally, ok! ^_^

Bakit mukhang jet-lagged si Amber sa 1.45 hours na flight? LOL!

We arrived in HK at exactly 11:45AM. The first thing I looked for is where to get an Octopus Card. I felt the need to have it since we will be using the public transport at all times. Last time kasi, the Hubby’s Tita lived in HK so spoiled tourists kami. She drives us everywhere we want to go. Kaso ngayon, nasa Pinas na sha kaya solo flight kami ngayon.

When we went out of the huge airport, ayan na ang lamig! According to the travel advisory, the weather is at 12 to 15 degrees. Brrr... kaya pala muntik na ko mag-lock jaw. Hehe! But I enjoyed the climate. I prefer it that way than humid.

We took Bus A21 to Mongkok. At the bus pa lang, the Hubby and sister-in-law kept themselves busy finding the hotel’s location on the map. Yeap, DIY kami! Our itinerary depends on the map that we took home from our last HK trip. Sana lang hindi nila nilipat-lipat ang mga streets in the past year and a half. J

Based on gut feel, we got out of the bus at a station in a certain street. Standing at the sidewalk, mukha kaming lost! Parang basang-sisiw lang. We don’t know which way to go to get to the hotel.

Mama keeps on saying that we should already take a cab. Shempre ayaw naming mga youngers kasi mahal di ba? We told Mama that we walk a few steps around muna. Then by divine providence, sabay-sabay kami napatingala... at nakita namin ang familiar na address ng hotel! Andun na pala kami mismo sa tapat ng hotel! Less than 10 steps lang yung entrance. At si Mama, gusto pa magtaxi a while ago!

After we have settled in, we walked around the hotel's proximity in search for a nearest grocery. We needed to buy water for Amber’s milk and some chichirya for us.
Parang lamig na lamig ang Amber!

We passed by McDonalds and since we just got in, hindi naman pwedeng biglain ang tyan namin ng Chinese food. Kumbaga mangangapa palang kami, so McDo is the best choice for our first meal. ^_^

The restaurant is small so we decided to take the food out and settle in the nearby park/playground and eat there. With the cool weather, it was a perfect picnic! LOL!

Sh-quiet daw, Daddy! Anuvah! 

Wait! Kelangan pala ibida ang giant fishieses na itech before man lang sila gawing sweet and sour fish!

After that, we went back to the hotel and rest. 


  1. I was about to ask you Amber's experience on the plane ride buti nlng nakwento mo here. I guess it is every mom's nightmare to have a toddler in tow in plane rides. I'm praying very hard that if that time comes, maging behave si Akira like Amber.

  2. good thing she was busy looking at magazines. distracted kaya behave. saka amazed na amazed sha seeing the clouds 'up close and personal'. hehe! buti kamo, she didn't insist on going out of the plane to touch the clouds. josme, anong sasabihin ko ke captain?!?


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