Friday, March 30, 2012

All Aboard!

Amber is lately very fascinated with trains. She always watches Thomas Train in Youtube. And she often speaks of the train in Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (may train nga ba dun?).

Last night, she did this...

These are train coaches daw. She asked me to sit on one of the chairs and reminded me to put on the imaginary seat belt.

After that, she unbuckled her ‘seat belt’ and went inside the house to get Mama. She asked her to ride on the train, never forgetting to remind Mama to wear her seat belt. Mama won’t let me take her picture though. ^_^

Then Amber yelled, “All aboard! Chaba-chaba-chaba-chaba-chu-chooo!”. Pramis, dinig hangang kabilang block yung boses nya!

On the next stop, she got off the ‘train’ and went inside the house. We heard her spoke to her Tita Kate, “Tita Kate, gusto mo ride sa train, DI BA?”. She said it in a very condescending manner that we couldn’t resist laughing. Parang you-have-to-stop-at-what-you're-doing-and-must-ride-in-my-train tone!

Ang kulet! She never stopped until she got us all riding in her train. ^_^


  1. There's an episode in Mickey na may train, sis.
    Ayan, nahalata tuloy ako na nanonood nun. Wa ako choice eh. Hehehe.

    Hey! I've got a Sunshine award for you waiting in my blog :)

    1. hahaha! mommyhood talaga greatly affected our preferences.

      thanks for the award sis! i'll make my 'speech' later. ^_^

  2. haha,panalo ang mga hirit ni Amber girl! i think "one of the boys" sya paglaki nya sis.ang cool lang kase at her age like nya yung mga ganyang laro.

    by the way sis,you have an award in my blog :)

    1. lately nga ang gusto mga trains and airplanes. ^_^

      thank you sis sa award and sa thoughts!

  3. My Little Andoy also loves trains! Sis, tama si Amber may isang episode ng Mickey Mouse Clubhouse na may train hehehe :)

    1. i have to watch that episode para maka-relate ako. hehe!


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