Monday, April 02, 2012

The Sunshine Award

Hmm, why was it called “The Sunshine Award” ngapala? 

Is it because the awardee gives sunshine to the one giving the award? Hey, that’s a nice thought! 

Ah basta, whatever the reason I was given this award, I am thankful to Em and Joan for tagging me. That means a lot because I know that you think of me often to consider giving me recognition. Chos! But seriously, teynk yuuuu!!! ^_^

* Each tagged person must post seven to ten things about themselves.  
* You have to choose and tag 7 people.  
* Go to their blogs and tell them you tagged them.
* Have Fun.

Random Things About Myself

Oh! This would be very easy! ^_^

1. I’m an only child. When I was younger, I’d say I prefer it this way. Ask me now and I’d still say the same. Haha! Selfish much? No, not for that reason but because I wouldn’t know the difference anyway. I enjoyed being an only child. It wasn’t that sad after all, especially that I met a lot of good and interesting people along the way who became my really close friends.  ^_^

2. Sa lahat ng ekonomista (read:kuripot), ako yung walang savings. I don’t know. I may be stingy with pricey costly stuff but I’m magastos naman with little things. Di ba, those little things when accumulated equates to a big spending na din? Ganun ako. I’m into murang gamit na super dami. Minsan basta mura, kahit hindi naman pala kailangan. Haay! Kelangan ko ng financial adviser! 8-(

3. I’m too trusting. L

4. I’m not confrontational. Although sometimes gusto ko na manugod but I can’t bring myself to doing that. Kasi iniisip ko lagi na whatever things I say, I can never take back. And I always don’t want to say the wrong things lalo na pag galit ako. L

5. I’m not a beach person. I like to go to the beach but I’m not looking forward to it. Bakit ‘ka nyo? I have never been confident wearing swimsuits! Promise, hindi ko talaga keri. I have always been uncomfortable showing my skin. Wala naman akong tinatago except from flabs, ewan ko bah!  

6. I can’t sleep without brushing my teeth. I can skip from taking a bath before bedtime or washing my face if I’m really dead-tired but brushing my teeth, never!

7. I don’t drink and smoke. Drink, I tried a few times but I never liked nor enjoyed it. Smoke, I didn’t even think of trying.

8. I only had 2 serious relationships. This and no.7 make me sound so boring! Eh what would I do, mabait ako eh! Hahaha!

9. My driving weakness is driving in reverse. My 2 minor accidents happened when I was backing up the car. One of them, I left a huge dent (as in it caved in) on a vintage-showcase-car’s fender. But in retrospect, I think I am better in back-parking.

10. I can easily and descriptively narrate a movie or a book I’ve read, from the beginning up until the end. In other words, makwento akong tao. But I never like speaking in front of a crowd. I will definitely stutter or make a fool out of myself no matter how much preparation I put into it.

There you go! 10 not-a-secret-anymore things about me. ^_^

Can I keep the award for myself muna this time? Pleasey-please? I know right, hindi marunong sumunod sa rules! Haha! Eh kasi, all my blogger friends have been tagged na. ^_^

Nonetheless, I enjoyed this award so much! Thanks again, Em and Jo! xoxo


  1. would you believe that 8 out of 10 random facts about you sis,nakarelate talaga ako.promise! dun lang sa only child and sa driving weakness hindi pero all in all,shoot sa banga! parang ako din lang.haha!

  2. Go, keep it muna if you want to. I'm having it bookmarked kasi first time ako nakakuha ng award :)

    Actually, nakakatuwa yung award. I discovered a few more info about you. We have a lot in common pala :) with the exception of number 1 of course :)


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