Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Isdaan Sa Gerona, Tarlac

Pardon my late posting of this. Di pala napindot ang 'publish' button, ahahay! We went there finally, on our way home from Baguio on Easter Sunday. 

I admit, it wasn’t really the food that enticed me to go there but the picture-worthy statues of whatever. So I wasn’t really expecting anything from the food except that it will fill my, that time, growling stomach. ^_^

The ambiance of the restaurant is so festive. You will already hear the loud music inside the resto from the parking lot. 

After about 15 minutes of waiting, we were led to a Nipa hut surrounded by water swarmed with Coi fishes. The Nipa is small enough to house a table and benches on either sides, that is good for 4 persons. I got a little nervous with Amber began walking on the edges of the Nipa while she looked at the fish. The water daw is 6-9 feet deep.

We weren’t wowed by the food. The Hubby said that they put so much effort into prettifying the place that they have neglected the food.

2 of the dishes we ordered (Halabos na Hipon and Crispy Pata, a well-loved Filipino dish) were not available that time to our dismay.

Amber is pretending to be a dog in the pictures. ;-/

The Plain Bulalo Soup was already cold. L

The Sweet and Sour Lapu-lapu was okay for me because I like that they cooked it extra-crispy. The others didn’t like it that much. Kanya-kanya preferences lang siguro.

The Juicy Spareribs was what brought all of us in agreement that it was the best dish that we had there! Yun nga lang, I wasn’t able to take its picture because it came in late. Ubos na nga yung rice eh. Papak-papak na lang.

We had 2 orders of Melon Juice in pitcher that costs P277 each pitcher. Mahal no?

In fairness, I've heard good things about them. Maybe the staff were a little stressed out that's why the service didn't turn out well. According to our service attendant, it was particularly crowded that day. But then, it still isn't an acceptable excuse. Palulusutin ko na lang so that my mood will not be affected, baka pumangit pa ako sa pictures! Hahaha!

Pabilisan kami kumain because the sun is starting to set na and I’m so atat na to go around and take pictures.

Amber wanted to bring the penguins home.

Some super heroes were there! 

Uy, kelangan natin ng extrang gripo sa bahay di ba?

Lacoste was there, too.

It really looked like a fishing village from this point of view. Nice no?

Rubbing elbows with the Obamas. Hubby was star-struck!

There you go! I wonder how it is there in their branch in Calauan, Laguna. Hmmm, I might want to go there too. ^_^


  1. I wanna go there too! Tara? Pero kung pwede pag hindi na summer. Parang ang init kasi... sobra.

    Scary nmn mashado yun if it's about 6-9ft deep. Didn't they give you guys at least a life jacket? Kasi for sure kids will be glued at the fishes, what if something bad happens, diba? :(

    1. ang alam ko SOP nila to give kids a life jacket, kaso talagang ngarag na ata sila that they weren't too attentive to the customers anymore. i saw lots of orange life jackets at the entrance but they did not hand us any when we were led to our table/nipa. ewan ko ba, parang di sila sanay na marami silang customers. natataranta. hehe!


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