Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Instant Summer Get-Away

Since it was our wedding anniversary last Friday, I insisted on we decided to have a road trip to Tarlac the next day to have lunch at the famous Isdaan Restaurant. I wanted to go there ever since I saw Annie’s blog about the place. ^_^

The Hubby said we can stretch our trip to Our Lady of Manaoag Church. Mama half-seriously suggested that why not we go up all the way to Baguio at dawn and come back the same day and have dinner at Isdaan on our way back. 


She made the suggestion at 10 in the evening and everybody seemed to think that she is just playing us around. After a long pause, everybody rushed into packing their own bags. We left the house at 1AM.

Sabi nga nila, mas natutuloy yung mga biglaang lakad, walang plano-plano. We have proven that right many times! ^_^

We reached Baguio at 5AM. The original plan to spend just the entire day there became an overnight get-away. Mama said she will book a room if there is an available room at the first nearest hotel that we stop at. Surprisingly, there was an available room at the Hotel Veniz but we had to come back at 2PM to check-in.

So, ikot-ikot muna ng Baguio. We went to Mine’s View Park...

Had picture with St. Bernard...

...and Petra.

Then to Good Shepherd to buy lots of Ube Jam and take pictures.

Then to Pink Sisters where we went inside the convent to pray and afterwards, take pictures outside.

Then to Camp John Hay to kill more time enjoy the cool climate and take more pictures. ^_^

Amber watched the ‘ENTZ’ (or LENGGAM, however way you want to pronounce it).

Then we went to have our lunch at the Ayala Techno-something inside CJH. The flowers were all nice so we indulged ourselves with more pictures. ^_^

When we finally checked in at the hotel, we were all beat. We spent the entire afternoon sleeping.

The camera-whoring didn’t end there. The next day, we stopped at the very same spot where we often take pictures when we are about to enter Marcos Hi-way. The view was just amazing that even if we already have so many pictures taken at the very same mark, we still made that stop and clicked away!


  1. Such a fun trip! Ang na mi miss ko sa baguio e yung strawberry taho nila at binatog na may evap milk.

    1. hala, san ba nakikita yang binatog na yan? oo nga, sarap sana nun.

  2. Yun oh! 
    Oo nga, super agree. Bakit nga ba pag biglaan lakad nangyayari. Nalungkot nmn ako kasi we were planning to go swimming on Sunday kaso lng hindi matutuloy at namove on the 22nd... Which i think will be moved again :(
    You gave hubby an idea. Kaya lng mukhang 6 hours nmin cya makukuha kc bundok p kmi manggagaling at hindi din alam ni hubby ang daan. Yes! Hindi pa nkakarating ang lolo mo sa Baguio. Hihihi. 
    Lovely pictures by the way. Teka, mainit ba sa Baguio or tlagang hindi lng kayo lamigin ni Amber? :)

    1. ok lang yun sis, always ka merong outing to look forward to. hehe!
      madali lang naman sha puntahan, alam ko dire-direcho lang kami eh. di ko lang alam kung may nilikuan nung tulog ako. haha! so helpful no?
      aside from hindi talaga kami lamigin, hindi na talaga sha ganun kalamig lalo na pag noontime. sa gabi, tolerable. kaya kahit shirt lang, ok na.
      gow na sis! wala nang plano-plano!

  3. sarap naman ng summer getaway na yan sis! gusto ko din magbaguio kaya lang sino naman makakasama namin ni xian,so malamang nasa listahan na naman ng plano ko for 2012 yan.naku,naku plano na naman! :D

    Amber girl,pumunta ka lang pala ng Baguio para manood ng entz eh.hihi!

    1. hahaha! tuwang-tuwa sha sa entz.

      sige lang sis, plano ng plano, matutuloy din yan! ^_^


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