Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Not-So-Picture-Perfect Moment

Mai-share ko lang something that happened last night. Waging-wagi kasi eh.

When we got home from work, Mama asked the Hubby to scan her ID picture for her US Visa renewal. Ganun na pala ngayon, you have to attach the picture in the online form.

So ayun. Kaso andami naman palang eklavu. Crop dito-crop doon. Reject ang picture. Size must be bigger daw. Eh di adjust-adjust the resolution. Too big naman daw. When the picture finally fit into the required size, poor illumination naman daw. So kaka talaga! They must have spent a good 2 hours trying to adjust the picture.

Then when I thought it wouldn’t be possible that the scanned picture will be accepted because of the poor quality no matter what 'magic' we do, I said, “di ba pwedeng humingi ng softcopy nyan sa Great Image?”.

That’s the only time Mama said she was given a CD together with the printed picture.

Wapak na wapak! We gave Mama the dagger look and all of us burst into laughter.

The image in the CD took us only seconds to be uploaded in the form. Ganun kadali! As in naka-format na sha for the specifications ng US Visa Application Form. Cool huh!?

Akalain mo that we they spent almost 2 hours when it was just as easy as a mouse-click.

Mama added pa, “Kaya pala! Nagtaka pa ako kung bakit ako binigyan ng CD!”.

Bwahahahaha! I so love Mama! ^_^


  1. Hahaha! Winner tlaga si Mother :)

    1. korek! buti nga at nagtanong ako kung hindi, aabutin kami ng umaga dun. aysus! ^_^

  2. Sis, kamusta nmn? Hindi complete ang day ko without hearing from you. Naks! Anyways, just wanna say hi! and hope everything's fine. Ay teka, baka nag OOT ka :)

    1. hi sis! oo nga, lagi akong MIA. nag-OOT = nag-oovertime. hehe! i wish nag-out of town yun. haaay! daming work. napapabayaan ko na ang blog. hehe!
      thanks sis for missing me, i appreciate that. ^_^
      i hope i can go back to my usual schedule -- soon!


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