Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Jollibee Floats

Have you tried the famous bee’s (who is Jabibi according to Amber) new floats?

I was so excited to try both the chocolate and coffee floats when I first saw that giant billboard they have on Alabang viaduct. I was kinda torn on which to try first but the Hubby told me to go for the chocolate float since I’m not much of a coffee drinker.

It tasted like chocolait that was diluted in 75% ice! Sad.

So the next time, I tried the coffee float and I surprisingly liked it! It has the right coffee blend for me, not too strong. The ice cream added creaminess. The chocolate syrup, although not much, gave my drink that mocha-flavor.

I love it!

Here’s my 4th coffee float in a span of 1 week.

Uhm, no. I still don’t like coffee. But a refreshing drink, kahit pa coffee sha will surely appeal to me nowadays. Sobrang init naman kasi, parang nilalagnat lagi ang Pilipinas. 


  1. Wow! At least this must try is not so hard to find :)

    1. korek! kahit san ka lumingon, anjan si jabibi!

  2. awww,the first time na natry ko yung coffee float dito sa jollibee branch malapit samen nadisappoint ako kase lasang milo.akala ko pa nga chocolate float na nagkamali lang pero coffee float talaga according to the service crew.o baka naman may problema lang taste buds ko,tingin mo sis? hihi.

  3. naku, baka naman kasi starbucks and standard ng taste buds mo sis! kaya ni-reject ang jabibi! hehehe!


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