Thursday, April 19, 2012

Amber’s Take on Magnum

Good news for me! Amber doesn’t like Magnum that much. She prefers to have her ice cream on a cone than on stick! More Magnum for me! Yay!

Here, she only posed with seeming interest for the ice cream bar but after I took her picture, she handed it back to me.

Echosera no? Parang yung mga endorser lang na hindi naman talaga ginagamit yung product na ini-endorse? Hahaha!


  1. Pwede mag -endorse si Amber! Biruin mo yun, magaling umacting :)
    Si Akira hindi pwede eh, hindi ko pa npipicturan, naubos na Ice cream :)

    1. naku, how i wish amber can finish an entire ice cream bar! i wish she can finish eating whatever we give her. sobrang hirap pakainin, so kaka! :(


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