Monday, April 23, 2012

The Real Strawberry

Amber’s first taste of fresh strawberry happened during our last Baguio getaway.

She didn’t want to eat it at first and thought it was just one of the toys. Her Tita Kate kasi gave her a crocheted strawberry keychain before.

Verdict? She loved it! I just hope she wouldn’t make it her favorite fruit of the season. Okay na ko sa mango and guava, at least those can be bought from any nearby talipapas. ^_^

This is how she looked like when finally she realized it was a real strawberry!
Oh! By the way, the berry was gone in a jiffy!


  1. Kitang kita ang tuwa sa kanyang face o! cute!

    1. na-surprise talaga sha nung hinawakan nya yung stoberi, it wasn't like the crocheted yarn na toy nya. hahaha!


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