Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Pre-All Saints’ Day Visit

We went to visit Papa last Sunday to clean up in preparation for Nov-1. But we were oh so  happy that the grasses were newly trimmed. So we just ate and prayed and took pictures instead.

Aha! We caught Amber snacking on a pack of Cheeserings! Oh well, a small amount won't harm her, I guess.

She calls this tree, "MY TREE".

Hubby and Amber did this very interesting game --- the Staring Contest!
Notice how the Hubby is trying to intimidate the little girl on the last two frames?

Would you like to guess who won?

You bet it! This little cutie did! ^_^

The Labyrinth of the Mummy (SM Fairview)

As a Halloween treat, SM Fairview has this Mummy Labyrinth set up at their activity center.

I was so curious as to what’s inside. And since entrance for 3 is free when you present a receipt worth P500 from any SM Fairview merchant, in the labyrinth we go!

We were supposed to be transported to Egypt. There were Camel and Llama and Cactus...

And Scorpions and Centipedes...

Cockroach even?!?!

The Sphinx...

The Pharaoh’s Tomb...


And Mommy...
Thick smoke! The Mummies here probably are smokers! 
...who can’t feign a frightened look. Major acting fail! LOL!

The Pharaoh’s 'cabinet'?

Treasures! Precious stones and gems...

...and Gold Bars. Look at how effortless Mama lifted a bar from the treasure chest. LOL!

I wonder where Nefertiti is? ^_^

Monday, October 29, 2012

My Water-Meter Girl

Amber hurriedly went outside when she saw that the gate was open and went straight to the water-meter.

"Look, Mommy! Ikot-ikot oh!"

Apparently, she finds the rotating knob in the meter fascinating. Naku, anak, if you only know that that means we're consuming water and the bill is mounting. LOL! ^_^

Lee Min Ho Is Coming To Manila

…and my Mother-In-Law isn’t excited. Because she’s extra super duper mega-excited!

For the benefit of those who do not know this Korean cutie (which I doubt are a few :P), he played Gu Jun-Pyo, the lead character in the TV Series Boys Over Flowers and Lee Yoon-Sung in the action series City Hunter. He is also the face on those giant billboards that you may see along Quirino Avenue and Balintawak, courtesy of Bench.

Apparently, he’s coming to Manila for the Bench Fix promotion. He’s even having a Fans Meet and Greet Day in Araneta Coliseum on Nov-16.

At pahuhuli ba si Mama? Of course not!

These tickets are free for every purchase worth P1,000 (I’m not that certain of the amount though) from any Bench outlets.

For these tickets, Mama bought the Hubby 2 Bench T-Shirts and Fix Hair Wax.

Hubby, who of course isn't a fan of Lee Min Ho or any cute guys for that matter, wasn't able to find it in his heart to go against these tickets anymore after seeing his loots. Teehee! T-Shirt lang pala ang katapat. 

He even told Mama, "Alam mo 'Ma, mukhang okay nga pala tong si... yan, sha... ano? May itsura naman talaga.". Weh! Nagpapadagdag ng T-shirt?!? Hahaha! 

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Craft Punch Kit

I have always wanted to have those cute shape punchers but find it too expensive when bought from craft stores.

Then I came across this...
...at CD-R King, of all places!

CD-R King is fastly becoming a store-of-all-trades.

I got this set of 26 small punchers for only P480 or P18.46 each. Isn’t that a steal?! Each of the punch normally costs P59 at most craft stores.

They also have medium and large punches that cost P380 per set. Quantity of the punch varies on each set. An embosser is also available at P200. It comes with I think 8 embossing pads.

For scrapbook makers, CD-R King also offers a wide array of scrap papers at a much much lower price. 

Monday, October 22, 2012

The Gift Of An Ordinary Weekend

Saturday, Oct-20

We stayed at home the whole day. I was busy doing my next project which I hope I can launch here one of these days. ^_^

Had I known that Amber would seriously take my picture while I was busy crafting, I would have posed and smiled - really smiled! Haha! 

Say HI to my cheeks! LOL.

Of course Amber also made some artworks herself using the scrap materials from my project.

I’m so happy with her artworks, particularly with this one. 

I’m planning to use it as a brand name for my creations. Naks! Creations talaga! Eh, it’s very easy naman to do these foam arts, time-consuming nga lang. But I didn’t mind because I had a super great time doing it. It’s a nice bonding activity for Amber and I as well.

One thing I noticed, Amber is so generous in using the glue. I have to buy her her own glue next time. ^_^

Sunday, Oct-21

We went to the 9:30AM mass (yey!). Good thing that the Hubby we slept early the night before so the Hubby woke me up we were up pretty earlier than the usual and went to an AM mass. We really prefer going to the mass in the morning but it's very hard for the sleepy heads to get up early on a weekend.  

After that, we had a quick trip to the supermarket for some basic kitchen needs. And of course, buy the little girl juice and chocolate drinks for school.

Picture-picture daw because she's on her Sunday dress. ^_^

Kasi naman, she consumed her 1-week supply of Yogurt drink in 1 day because she didn’t like the taste of the new formula we tried to introduce to her. I have to find a way how I can slip the new formula in her milk that she will not notice. Quite a challenge.  

After lunch, we watched Abraham Lincoln: The Vampire Hunter on video. It was the Hubby who wanted to watch it. I wasn’t keen on seeing it until I saw the stunts. It was really entertaining.

Then the Hubby went out to wash the car after the movie. Shempre, the little girl lived up to her being Daddy’s helper.

Kaso, every time her hands get dirty, she’ll ask Ate Judith to wash her hands, agad-agad! Ora mismo! So much for being Daddy’s helper. J


Here, I caught her sneaking to the nearby Sari-Sari store. Wonder what she’s planning to buy?

There goes our weekend. Hope you enjoyed yours, too. ^_^

LPS Postcard Pets

Amber is officially an LPS collector! Kasi we Amber has more than 10 toys na eh. Pag may more than 10 toys na, collector na ba? Hehe! Okei-okei! I admit it, I’m now into them, too (the kid in me!).

Good thing we have a Hubby and a Daddy who is very supportive of our growing bisyo. He is so good in scouring LPS toys that are on sale!!!

Look at what he found...
These are Beaver and ... I can't figure out what animal is that. But it's cute.

I really don’t like the LPS Postcard Pets because of their weird tattoos but since they only cost P100 each (Yeap! Huge price cut-off! They originally sell at P349), I won’t mind having them. I mean, Amber won’t mind having them. Hehe! So Daddy took home 2! Wala na daw stock yung ibang pets eh.

They’re still cute despite their odd tattoos.

Each of them comes with a postcard with Blythe on it. 

Since we are on the topic, we haven’t completed our McDonald’s LPS toys yet. We only have these 2 at home. Ewan ko ba, McDonald’s seems to be avoiding me. L
Squirrel and Lamb (according to Amber, she's Baa Baa White Sheep)

Update: After an extensive research (J), I learned that the other cute pet in the postcard edition is a CHINCHILLA. According to wiki, Chinchillas are crepuscular rodents, slightly larger and more robust than ground squirrels and native to the Andes mountains in South America. Hmmm, so that’s why we are strangers to each other!

Amber Had A Bad Dream :(

I feel groggy. I only had I think 3 hours of sleep last night.

Amber woke up in the wee hour of the morning, crying. I thought she just wanted milk so I went down to fix her milk. When I came back, the Hubby was embracing her real tight because she seemed scared of something while pointing at the blank wall.

At that point, I had goosebumps.

The Hubby’s nephew lived in the house before they migrated to the US. And he had been seeing so many strange things in there even when he was still very young. Although I haven’t had any experiences in the house and I’m hoping that it would stay that way (oh please, I would not dare them to show up on me or I’ll die right away!).

I took Amber from Daddy and asked her what she was seeing. She kept on pointing at the wall. Her eyes were fixed on a certain spot.

Takot na talaga ko, pramis!

She was crying, “I’m scared, Mommy... I’m scared... May __-er!”.

I could not make out the last word she said. I thought she said MONSTER.

Mommy: Saan ka scared? Sa monster?
Amber: No... no... hindi sa monster... sa SPIDER!

Ayun, kumalma na ang naninindig kong balahibo. I’m so glad it wasn't monsters that she saw.

I’m certain that she only dreamed of spiders, kasi I remembered that we were together when we watched a show about insects and arachnids, which title I already forgot. She kept calling the insects spider. Nyay, we share the same fear pa pala.

After that, I tried to clam her and told her it was just a dream and it's not real. I could see that she is still sleepy but she's too scared to close her eyes. My poor baby.

Hay, I hate nightmares! If only I can go in her dreams to shoo those night terrors away. L

By the way, I've read from this site that parents should not wake up children if they are having night terrors. I don't know if any parent can deal with seeing their children so scared in their sleep and not hold them - I can't. L

Thursday, October 18, 2012

My Resolution {On Weight}

From now on, I will never ever let myself go into a diet that I would eventually fail to do. Hindi na ako magda-diet, period!

I am embracing the chubby me. I will no longer be conscious of my love handles, bulging tummy and exploding cheeks.

Instead of focusing into losing weight, I’ll put my efforts into accepting the new me.

I will not drool over size S and M clothes. They’re for the skinny people.

I will never be affected by remarks on my weight and figure. I’ll put up a smile and just say, “I know, and it fits me just right!”.

Good luck! ^_^

Hope reverse psychology really works! Hahahaha!

If it still fails, I’ll pray for acceptance and shopping money so I could buy more clothes in my size.

The Date Was October 18

I was looking at my desk calendar when I got in the office and felt that the date is somehow significant, I just couldn’t put an occasion to it.

Then it just came to me now that October 18 was the date the Hubby and I officially became together in 2003!

Antagal na pala naming nagbobolahan! Hahahaha!

So how did our love story begin?

Hubby was my classmate in some of my classes in College. Our batch was the first to have enjoyed the privilege of having a thesis partner. Dati kasi, it was an individual thing (yaiks, can’t imagine the pressure and stress of going thru that alone!).

After several days, I was prepared to do my thesis alone because I do not know much about my classmates then. Loner ang peg ko e. The classmates I am close to are in other classes, wala talaga akong ka-close sa class na yun.

Then this nice lady na ubod inglesera approached me and made small chats. Sadly, she already has a partner so ka-chika lang talaga ang habol nya sakin.

After a few weeks, she asked me if I still need a thesis partner because she knows someone who is looking. I was a working student so I’m certain that I cannot handle all the works alone. Therefore, I agreed. And she introduced me to this skinny, pale boy who I thought has just graduated from Highschool. Hahaha!

We spent sleepless nights researching, reviewing, playing computer games in every willing barkada’s house. We never thought of doing our thesis in either our houses because of the distance – I live in Muntinlupa, he in Caloocan. That seemed to be sooooo far that time!

But no, our love story didn’t start there.

We were able to defend our thesis, graduate and part ways.

After a year, we had to meet again because we needed to submit the final hardbound copy of our thesis before he can have his clearance and so that he can enroll in graduate school.

I almost didn’t recognize him.

He found a new favorite place in the gym. As in, the boy really transformed into manhood just after a year. He looked very matured and buffed. Well, not the maskulado type because I wouldn’t be interested at all! Hehe, choosy!

He started calling me regularly. Invited me out. Nung umpisa, kasama pa yung isa naming barkada. After a while, kami na lang. He would drive to far away Muntinlupa as often as he could. He rushed to my location when the car I’m using broke down, kahit pa galing sha sa kabilang dulo ng Metro Manila. He always made himself available for me. And the rest is history!

2003; 2004; 2005

It’s been 9 years since then. ^_^

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

This Is My Teenage-Me Talking

{so don't judge my teenage ways! ;p}

I envy this... this... this lucky bish!



See for your self...

Hahaha! Ako na ang bitter.

I don’t know but I must’ve developed a crush on Channing Tatum when I saw ‘The Vow’. Don’t ask me why or what in particular I liked about him basta since then, I’ve been on a lookout for his movies. I’ve seen 21 Jump Street, Dear John and it was only upon seeing Magic Mike that I learned he was also a very good dancer!

Nag-uumapaw na pogi points sobra!

I couldn't help but feel more awestruck.

Hubby: Di ba nga sa Step Up na movie sha nabigyan ng break.
Me: Andun sha sa Step Up?!?!
Hubby: Di mo ba napanood yun? Sha kaya yung bida.

I know about Step Up of course but I haven’t watched it. Neither do I know that Channing is the lead actor.

So ngayon, mega-downloading ako while reading about the film and found out that he began dating his Step Up co-star Jenna Dewan after filming the movie and eventually married her in 2008.

Argh! I couldn’t be more affected! Hahahaha!

But really, they look so good together. I haven’t seen the movie yet but I could already feel their chemistry and the love between them even only in photos.

You lucky, lucky girl! Grrr... ^_^


I should seriously stop stalking celebrities 'coz I end up heart-broken all the time. LOL!

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