Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Labyrinth of the Mummy (SM Fairview)

As a Halloween treat, SM Fairview has this Mummy Labyrinth set up at their activity center.

I was so curious as to what’s inside. And since entrance for 3 is free when you present a receipt worth P500 from any SM Fairview merchant, in the labyrinth we go!

We were supposed to be transported to Egypt. There were Camel and Llama and Cactus...

And Scorpions and Centipedes...

Cockroach even?!?!

The Sphinx...

The Pharaoh’s Tomb...


And Mommy...
Thick smoke! The Mummies here probably are smokers! 
...who can’t feign a frightened look. Major acting fail! LOL!

The Pharaoh’s 'cabinet'?

Treasures! Precious stones and gems...

...and Gold Bars. Look at how effortless Mama lifted a bar from the treasure chest. LOL!

I wonder where Nefertiti is? ^_^


  1. hello,its been a long time since I've been lurking here in your blog, I think I read most of your entries. ..teehee

    your little girl is such a cutie.

    I added you in my reading list btw,so i can read ur blog eventhough im not in the office. :)


    1. hi! thank you so much for finding my entries interesting. ^_^

      btw, i love the pictures in your blog and your food and travel entries as well!


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