Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Pre-All Saints’ Day Visit

We went to visit Papa last Sunday to clean up in preparation for Nov-1. But we were oh so  happy that the grasses were newly trimmed. So we just ate and prayed and took pictures instead.

Aha! We caught Amber snacking on a pack of Cheeserings! Oh well, a small amount won't harm her, I guess.

She calls this tree, "MY TREE".

Hubby and Amber did this very interesting game --- the Staring Contest!
Notice how the Hubby is trying to intimidate the little girl on the last two frames?

Would you like to guess who won?

You bet it! This little cutie did! ^_^


  1. Amber! anlaki mo na.. namiss kita! tell mommy I missed her too. :)

    1. same here, sis! so glad you're back! for good na ha. ^_^

  2. Your daughter is so cute.

    Mommy Maye of Momaye's Diary

    1. thank you, mommy maye. thanks also for dropping by. ^_^


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