Friday, October 05, 2012

I Care to Communicate

Mama: Be careful Amber, you might fall.
Amber: I don’t care.

Napalingon ako ng bonggang-bongga nung narinig ko yung sagot ng bagets.

This is what I’ve been telling the Hubby. That sometimes, I’m scared of what she picks up on TV, especially when we are not around.

I immediately called her attention.

Me: Amber, what you said is not nice.
Amber: I don’t care, Mommy.

Nyay, inulit pa talaga. Patience...

Me: Amber, only bad girls say that. Do you want to be a bad girl?

For an instant, I wanted to take back what I asked her, thinking what if she says ‘yes’.

Amber: No! Good girl ako eh.

Buti na lang. Sigh of relief!

Me: So don’t say those words again.
Amber: Okay, Mommy.
Me: Promise?
Amber: Yes.

After that, I have not heard her say it again and hoped not ever. Hearing it from a kid feels so wrong.

I guess I really cannot filter everything that my child hears and sees since I can’t be with her the entire time because I work. But knowing how to talk to her makes the difference. I hope that we will be able to maintain an open communication as she grows. ^_^

Yun lang. Thanks!

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