Tuesday, October 02, 2012


I was trying to recall the events that transpired last Friday, September 28 and realized that a lot has happened on that day. Well, not all about me, that is. Some of them actually doesn’t have anything to do with me but affects me somehow.


First of, it was my Nanay’s birthday!!! She doesn’t want to admit her real age to anyone but since I know the real figures, which I can't share here because of loyalty issues, in my heart I am so grateful that at her age, she is blessed with good health, youthful strength and a sharp mind that make her still look and think like she is 10 years younger. ^_^

The Hubby and I brought her pizza and ice cream after work and shared with her an afternoon filled with the junk foods of her choice! Haha! Parang bagets lang ang nanay ko. I love her so much! I look up to her for raising a very kind and beautiful daughter (Ako yun! Ako yun! Haha! Buhat bangko, pagbigyan na! Blog ko ito! Echos! :P) all by herself.

The opening of the Quezon Avenue Underpass

This event was led by no less than the President Benigno Aquino III. 

courtesy of www.philstar.com

photo courtesy of onelightmedia.com

Hay salamat! Our travel time will surely be shorter now that this intersection will no longer be congested. We pass by this intersection every early morning but try to avoid it on our way home because of the terrible traffic jam during rush hours. Ngayon, ambilis! We can cross Quezon Avenue in a flash!

San Miguel Oktoberfest

San Miguel Oktoberfest had its kick-off party in Aseana City, Macapagal Blvd.

photo courtesy of www.sanmiguelbeer.com.ph

Ano naman ang konek nito sa ‘kin, eh hindi naman ako umiinom? The Hubby kasi works in one of San Mig’s packaging subsidiaries kaya yun ang konek! He also handled the supply of some materials that will be used during the event.

I was even with him one time that he visited the site of the event. Yun lang, hindi naman kami pumunta during the event dahil incidentally, the group where the Hubby belongs to celebrated their anniversary in Tagaytay that same day. Tapos naki-berdey kami kay Nanay afterwards. Isa pa, hindi ako umiinom, period! Tataba lang ako sa pamumulutan. L

So there. Documenting this eventful day. Yun lang. Bow. ^_^

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