Monday, October 22, 2012

Amber Had A Bad Dream :(

I feel groggy. I only had I think 3 hours of sleep last night.

Amber woke up in the wee hour of the morning, crying. I thought she just wanted milk so I went down to fix her milk. When I came back, the Hubby was embracing her real tight because she seemed scared of something while pointing at the blank wall.

At that point, I had goosebumps.

The Hubby’s nephew lived in the house before they migrated to the US. And he had been seeing so many strange things in there even when he was still very young. Although I haven’t had any experiences in the house and I’m hoping that it would stay that way (oh please, I would not dare them to show up on me or I’ll die right away!).

I took Amber from Daddy and asked her what she was seeing. She kept on pointing at the wall. Her eyes were fixed on a certain spot.

Takot na talaga ko, pramis!

She was crying, “I’m scared, Mommy... I’m scared... May __-er!”.

I could not make out the last word she said. I thought she said MONSTER.

Mommy: Saan ka scared? Sa monster?
Amber: No... no... hindi sa monster... sa SPIDER!

Ayun, kumalma na ang naninindig kong balahibo. I’m so glad it wasn't monsters that she saw.

I’m certain that she only dreamed of spiders, kasi I remembered that we were together when we watched a show about insects and arachnids, which title I already forgot. She kept calling the insects spider. Nyay, we share the same fear pa pala.

After that, I tried to clam her and told her it was just a dream and it's not real. I could see that she is still sleepy but she's too scared to close her eyes. My poor baby.

Hay, I hate nightmares! If only I can go in her dreams to shoo those night terrors away. L

By the way, I've read from this site that parents should not wake up children if they are having night terrors. I don't know if any parent can deal with seeing their children so scared in their sleep and not hold them - I can't. L

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