Monday, October 15, 2012

A Crazy Night Out

I had a girls’ night out with the “Crazy Girls” last Friday and as always, it was a blast! If the evening could only be extended a bit longer, the witches in us would have taken out our wands and zapped the night away! But Halloween is still weeks away so we’re powerless. L

I had to bid goodbye at a little past 10 as I still have a long way home and the Hubby was already in the parking lot waiting for Cinderella.

Nonetheless, the evening was fun-filled! Especially that it was graced with the presence of Mailyn, who was MIA for the longest time!

Roll Call...that's Jhulie, Me, Piche, Mailyn and Yes-yes. Ate Liza's still on her way.

Deym, she’s so skinny! Makes me wonder if she still deserves to be part of a group of now voluminous, err... voluptuous women like us. LOL! We might need to oust her from the group. Pardon me for sounding rude but that’s what she gets, for not gaining even a single pound after all these years! What has she been doing, really?!?! Gagayahin namin! Teehee!

Seriously, we were all so happy to see her again. I’ve heard so many stories about her and it is just good to know that she’s doing well and still as bubbly as she was back in Highschool.

Shout out to Mabee... this mini-reunion of ours makes us so looking forward to that 2013 reunion you promised us. As a matter of fact, we have officially assigned Ate Liza to hunt for a venue and she might already book it soon. You cannot back out anymore! Yipee!

We're increasing in number! Plan is to complete 7 of us next year. Excitey-excitey!

To cap it off, thank you Jhulie labs for yet another chance for the group to bond. You made our tummies full of yummy food and hearts filled with so much joy. 

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