Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Date Was October 18

I was looking at my desk calendar when I got in the office and felt that the date is somehow significant, I just couldn’t put an occasion to it.

Then it just came to me now that October 18 was the date the Hubby and I officially became together in 2003!

Antagal na pala naming nagbobolahan! Hahahaha!

So how did our love story begin?

Hubby was my classmate in some of my classes in College. Our batch was the first to have enjoyed the privilege of having a thesis partner. Dati kasi, it was an individual thing (yaiks, can’t imagine the pressure and stress of going thru that alone!).

After several days, I was prepared to do my thesis alone because I do not know much about my classmates then. Loner ang peg ko e. The classmates I am close to are in other classes, wala talaga akong ka-close sa class na yun.

Then this nice lady na ubod inglesera approached me and made small chats. Sadly, she already has a partner so ka-chika lang talaga ang habol nya sakin.

After a few weeks, she asked me if I still need a thesis partner because she knows someone who is looking. I was a working student so I’m certain that I cannot handle all the works alone. Therefore, I agreed. And she introduced me to this skinny, pale boy who I thought has just graduated from Highschool. Hahaha!

We spent sleepless nights researching, reviewing, playing computer games in every willing barkada’s house. We never thought of doing our thesis in either our houses because of the distance – I live in Muntinlupa, he in Caloocan. That seemed to be sooooo far that time!

But no, our love story didn’t start there.

We were able to defend our thesis, graduate and part ways.

After a year, we had to meet again because we needed to submit the final hardbound copy of our thesis before he can have his clearance and so that he can enroll in graduate school.

I almost didn’t recognize him.

He found a new favorite place in the gym. As in, the boy really transformed into manhood just after a year. He looked very matured and buffed. Well, not the maskulado type because I wouldn’t be interested at all! Hehe, choosy!

He started calling me regularly. Invited me out. Nung umpisa, kasama pa yung isa naming barkada. After a while, kami na lang. He would drive to far away Muntinlupa as often as he could. He rushed to my location when the car I’m using broke down, kahit pa galing sha sa kabilang dulo ng Metro Manila. He always made himself available for me. And the rest is history!

2003; 2004; 2005

It’s been 9 years since then. ^_^


  1. Ang keso :)
    Grabe! Ang tagal niyo na. Kakatuwa ang mga pictures, Neneng nene ka pa :)

    1. haaay... kung pwede lang ibalik ang kahapon ng kakesohan at kanene-han. hehe!


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