Thursday, October 18, 2012

My Resolution {On Weight}

From now on, I will never ever let myself go into a diet that I would eventually fail to do. Hindi na ako magda-diet, period!

I am embracing the chubby me. I will no longer be conscious of my love handles, bulging tummy and exploding cheeks.

Instead of focusing into losing weight, I’ll put my efforts into accepting the new me.

I will not drool over size S and M clothes. They’re for the skinny people.

I will never be affected by remarks on my weight and figure. I’ll put up a smile and just say, “I know, and it fits me just right!”.

Good luck! ^_^

Hope reverse psychology really works! Hahahaha!

If it still fails, I’ll pray for acceptance and shopping money so I could buy more clothes in my size.


  1. Goodluck with that, sis!
    Sakin kasi hindi nagwowork ang reverse psychoology :)

    1. sha na lang kasi ang hindi pa nata-try kaya sinusubukan... mukha ngang di din effective. hahaha!


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