Friday, October 05, 2012

Serious Thoughts

I really don't know what was I thinking last night. Have I just agreed to the Hubby for a second child next year? To which he replied, “next year pa?!?”. Hellow, nagmamadali?! Ano na bang petsa ngayon? A couple of months na lang, ‘next year’ na!

Yeah, I might be out of my mind. We don't even have our own place yet and I already agreed to another child?

But the idea seemed appealing. It’s nice to have another baby in the house. A new baby who Amber can play with.

Sana baby boy na no?

A friend kept telling me that having a second child isn’t as difficult as when you had your first born. Basically, you will now act based on experience, which is easier than basing everything on instinct and theories.

Besides, I’m not getting younger anymore. I want to still be strong enough to be there with my kid(s) as they grow.

So... pano na? Geez, why am I having second thoughts and this overpowering fear? ;-/

Just thinking out loud.

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