Friday, October 12, 2012

What’s In A Name?

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Do you know how your parents came up with your name? Here are some stories shared by my friends...

She was named after the very nice nurse who attended to her when she was given birth. Take note, her siblings are ‘Gary’ and ‘Gigi’. Simplicity is beauty. Mas maganda naman talaga ang maikli di ba? Walang complications?

According to her Dad, the name is after a prophet. When I asked her if she has already come across a prophet from whom she was named after, she said, “Nabasa ko na yung buong bible, wala namang prophet na ganun ang pangalan! Nag-imbento lang ata ang Daddy.”. ^_^

“Antero, Jr.”
He is being called 'Romie' because that is supposedly his given name. Kaso, si midwife forgot that name when she was about to register it. All she knows was that the father’s name is Antero. Therefore, the child instantly became ‘the Junior’!

Buti na lang sa ospital ako pinanganak. Two of my cousins who were also born in Butuan City, had similar midwife experiences. They were supposed to be named simply “Allan” and “Rowena”. When their birth certificates came back, they became “Allan Vicente” and “Rowena Catalina”. Thank you midwives, for the second names! 

“Rose Ann Fe”
The name of Romie’s daughter looks like short names put together. But it has a deeper meaning to it. 'Rose' is the name of Romie’s mother. 'Ann' is from the first 2 letters of both his father and father-in-law’s names, which are 'Antero' and 'Anaceto'. 'Fe' is his mother-in-law. So much love for the grandparents!

I’ve read a blogger who named his daughter “Sadako”. Wells... TV... Girl with long hair... ~goosebumps~ At least nobody will ever mess with her. ^_^

My Nanay wanted to name me “Lea”. May sasalihan ata shang contest sa paiklian ng full name. ‘Sim’ na nga last name, ‘Lea’ pa ang first name! With divine intervention, she overheard that most mommies who gave birth in that same hospital will name their baby girl ‘Lea’. So ayun, biglang kambyo Nanay ko. Then she thought that our neighbour ‘Lanie’ is pretty, so why not? Ang creative ano? Buti na lang as we checked, it means ‘heavenly’ daw. Kaya pala para akong laging naka-drugs, lulutang-lutang. LOL!

However, no matter where our names came from, how we feel about it, how mean classmates tease us for it - we should always wear it with pride. Kasi it is what identifies us amongst a crowd. Gusto mo bang tawaging ‘baby girl’ and ‘baby boy’ all your life? ^_^

How about you? Please feel free to share the origins of your given name. Mommies, how did you name your child/ren? ^_^

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