Monday, October 22, 2012

The Gift Of An Ordinary Weekend

Saturday, Oct-20

We stayed at home the whole day. I was busy doing my next project which I hope I can launch here one of these days. ^_^

Had I known that Amber would seriously take my picture while I was busy crafting, I would have posed and smiled - really smiled! Haha! 

Say HI to my cheeks! LOL.

Of course Amber also made some artworks herself using the scrap materials from my project.

I’m so happy with her artworks, particularly with this one. 

I’m planning to use it as a brand name for my creations. Naks! Creations talaga! Eh, it’s very easy naman to do these foam arts, time-consuming nga lang. But I didn’t mind because I had a super great time doing it. It’s a nice bonding activity for Amber and I as well.

One thing I noticed, Amber is so generous in using the glue. I have to buy her her own glue next time. ^_^

Sunday, Oct-21

We went to the 9:30AM mass (yey!). Good thing that the Hubby we slept early the night before so the Hubby woke me up we were up pretty earlier than the usual and went to an AM mass. We really prefer going to the mass in the morning but it's very hard for the sleepy heads to get up early on a weekend.  

After that, we had a quick trip to the supermarket for some basic kitchen needs. And of course, buy the little girl juice and chocolate drinks for school.

Picture-picture daw because she's on her Sunday dress. ^_^

Kasi naman, she consumed her 1-week supply of Yogurt drink in 1 day because she didn’t like the taste of the new formula we tried to introduce to her. I have to find a way how I can slip the new formula in her milk that she will not notice. Quite a challenge.  

After lunch, we watched Abraham Lincoln: The Vampire Hunter on video. It was the Hubby who wanted to watch it. I wasn’t keen on seeing it until I saw the stunts. It was really entertaining.

Then the Hubby went out to wash the car after the movie. Shempre, the little girl lived up to her being Daddy’s helper.

Kaso, every time her hands get dirty, she’ll ask Ate Judith to wash her hands, agad-agad! Ora mismo! So much for being Daddy’s helper. J


Here, I caught her sneaking to the nearby Sari-Sari store. Wonder what she’s planning to buy?

There goes our weekend. Hope you enjoyed yours, too. ^_^


  1. ordinary weekends are love!
    sis, ang ganda mo sa first pic!

  2. Your photo above is exactly what were looking for to post on fb with the caption Wanted!
    Ni isa samin aren't friends with you and we would like to invite you on the upcoming mommy bloggers Christmas party happening on Nov 30 at the Ayala Triangle. You should be there ha! Add me up on fb so that we can contact you: Myra Michelle Nunez-Tiquio

    1. hahaha! okey-okey! kitakits sa fb. maqui already sent me an email... me so excited! sino si "EM", hahahaha! will add you on fb, now na!

    2. Shoot! Ang panget lng ng real name ko no? Kaya nga Em nlng. hehehe

    3. anong pangit dun?! you have a very nice name. first name pa lang, pang-flawless ageless vit-e beauty na! di ba? ^_^ ako ang nabuking ang married name! gosh! pero i love my married name ha. bawi, baka mabasa ni hubs. wahahaha!


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