Tuesday, October 09, 2012

LPS Is In McDonald’s

The familiar blue background in the newest McDonald’s Happy Meal instantly caught my attention. It looked like the LPS logo. Wait... it really is the LPS logo! ~grin~

So I immediately made a left turn to McDonald’s to check the toys out. Sadly, the toys are no way comparable to the real LPS toys. :(

They are smaller and purely made of plastic unlike the real ones that has this ‘rubbery’ texture.

Nevertheless, they are still cute and adorable! I’m definitely snacking McDonald’s burgers and spaghetti the entire week so I can collect all 4 of them! Excited with the toys – not the extra pounds!

Now, I cannot deny the fact that I’m as smitten as Amber is with the LPS toys. In fact, mas maarte pa ako kesa sa kanya when it comes to LPS. Teehee! The kid in me! J

Side kwento... Amber has been bugging us to go to Toy Kingdom lately. The reason behind is that she wanted to buy a house for her LPS pets. Ang sweet di ba? When we got there, josme! Hindi kakayanin ng budget ko and bonggacious na house na gusto nya. What the Hubby did was looked for a cheaper and spacious house that she could use for the same purpose. Ayun, we ended up buying this 4-level doll playhouse that costs only P279.50. 

Okay na di ba? Same fun with less the price. J

See that smile? Priceless! ^_^


  1. Thanks for the tip, sis!
    I guess the hubby will be snacking on Mc Donalds happy meal the next four days. Hahaha!

    1. OMG! The moment I showed Akira the Littlest Petshop, she squealed! And just when I thought that the hubby would give in to the idea na we would give her first the one from Mcdo, ayaw ng lolo mo! Gusto yung orig agad. Hay.. Kasalanan mo to, sis! :)

    2. hahaha! cute naman kasi talaga eh. try to look for the LPS Around The World para sulit - 12 pets agad. ayos yan, pag nagkita tayo (in the not so distant future sana), may subject matter na si akira and amber. ^_^

      go akira! ask mom and dad to head to the nearest toy store! madaming LPS CATS dun! hehe!

  2. Was thinking of giving her that, too! Kaso nakikipaglaban ang ekonomista in me. Hehe. Bahala na si Batman. hay.. Bkit naman kasi sa tingin ko iisa lng itsura nliang lahat. Mukhang pusa :)

    Oo naman. Ok lng ba sa inyo lumuwas na probinsya? Hehe. Halos mga taga South kasi kmi. Hehe. Naku, mahaba habang chikahan yun. At may something common sa anak nten.. LPS! :)


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