Friday, May 29, 2015

Manual or Automatic?

It was our schedule to go to Nanay’s but Daddy had other business to attend to. Wala kaming driver. Good thing my boss left in our care his other car.

So after a long... long... time, I found myself behind wheels again. Though it’s still tiring, (as in sobra!) I had fun, especially that I have a very cute (and very talkative) passenger with me. ^_^

I’m a selective driver. Kasi I only drive cars with Automatic Transmissions. I get easily intimidated by shift gears and clutches. 15 years ago, I first learned how to drive with a Manual Transmission car but ever since I got my license the same year, I never drove an MT car again, ever!

Now, I’m bopols when put behind an MT wheel. All I can do with it is start the engine, put it in first or reverse gear, and drive it away so that it will not block the gate. Then the engine dies on me so the neighbor’s gate is the farthest I can get.

When the Hubby replaced his A/T car with an M/T car, I was all smiles! I thought to myself that I will never be asked to drive again.

I can say I drive fairly well. Never had accidents except for minor bumps and scratches when I was still a beginner. But it tires me easily. One of the reasons I resigned from my previous job is that the level of exhaustion I feel every time I get home is comparable to that of a public transport driver's! To think that I drive a comfy automatic car only to and from clients offices. How hard can that be, right?

But despite my unwillingness to learn driving a shifter, at some point I have to, because that’s the only vehicle we have and I can’t really be choosy. Sigh. Guess I have to overcome my “kabopolan” anyways. :)

How about you, what do you prefer driving?

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Farewell, Preschool.

Did I tell you that Amber already graduated from Preschool? Yes, she did! I’m officially a grade school mom this coming June.

How time flies. When I look at her asleep, I can’t help but wonder how she grew up that fast and became that long, she now occupies half of our bed, with me and daddy sharing the other half.

Since I was incommunicado again during the time she finished preschool, let me share with you some of her pictures during her last year in prep.

Siglakas (Sports) Day, September 2014

UN Day Celebration, October 2014

Educational Field Trip, November 2014

Christmas Party/Family Day, December 2014

Recognition Day, March 2015

Graduation Day, March 2015

Oh! Can I just mention here what her adviser told me when I went to pick up her report card? I’ll say it anyway! [drumrolls please] Amber finished top of her class! Please forgive me for not being able to contain my pride here. I'm just so happy and proud! ^_^

Good luck, my dear. May you enjoy life to the fullest! 

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