Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Techie Amber :D

Another kwentong Mommy muna… ^_^

Last night when we got home, the sofa where Amber usually sits on when we get home is empty. It was unusually quiet in the house as well. Mama and Kate were having dinner. When I looked for the little girl, andun pala sha sa harap ng computer watching Thomas Train and some Alphabet lessons on YouTube.

When I spoke, she turned her head and said, “Hi, Mommy!”, and quickly returned to what she was watching.

Now I know where she got that ‘CHO-OH-CHO-OH-CHO-CHOO!’ sound she makes whenever she sees trains. She was introduced na pala to Thomas.

After a while, I sat beside her. She closed the YouTube window. Yes, she knows how to close windows by clicking the ‘X’ button. Then she told me she wants ‘SULAT!’, which means she wants to scribble using MS Paint.

To make things a bit harder for her (yeah, I know I’m hard on her sometimes ^_^), I asked her if she can open it herself. Not 5 seconds after, open na yung Paint! Nagulat ako, I didn’t know that she already knows how to find it herself – from clicking the ‘START’ button to finding PAINT on the Program Menu! Nakakaaliw!

Then she started making lines here and there. She knows how to change colors and pick the shapes she wants. She doesn’t seem to struggle on the mouse anymore. She already has a good control of it.

After the page had been covered with shapes and colors, I asked her if we can already go upstairs to rest. She said yes and closed the Paint window. While doing that, she accidentally dragged the calendar on the desktop. Seeing it askew, she dragged it back to its original position, clicked the START button again and clicked SHUTDOWN.

I know these may be nothing compared to some moms whose children have also been exposed to computers at a very young age, but I was really really astounded! I was expecting her to just leave after agreeing to go upstairs with me pero as organized as she is on her things, ganun din sa computer! And I didn’t even know that she already knows how to operate computers! I mean, at 2.5 years old?!?

She even turned off the speakers beside the monitor!

So kaka-loka ang mga kabataan ngayon!

Monday, January 30, 2012

Pinoy Food Revolution

We had a taste of Filipino food at KKK yesterday. The Hubby and I just had our late snack so we didn’t participate in the food ordering anymore and basically just accompanied my MIL and SIL as they had dinner. Pero shempre I had to taste din what they ordered for purposes of blogging, hehe! ;-)

The name itself suggests all things Filipino. Although the restaurant's KKK stands for Kainan sa Kalye Kanluran, it is a derivative of the KKK, that we generally know as Kataas-taasan, Kagalang-galangang Katipunan ng mga Anak ng Bayan. Hmm, wouldn't you feel like revisiting the Philippine history? I am still up to that Bataan roadtrip! ^_^

We were surrounded by native wall decors! The walls also had images of people in their native Filipino attires during the Spanish Era.

Aren't those in the wall photo Dr. Jose Rizal and Antonio Luna?

I so like this chandelier that is made of bottles!

Their menu offers Filipino comfort foods. I would have loved to order suman and tsokolate if I weren’t concerned about my tummy bursting anytime from over-eating earlier that night! They have bottomless sago and gulaman! Very Filipino indeed!

My MIL and SIL ordered for Sotanghon Guisado, Bagoong Rice and Crispy Pata. 

Bagoong Rice comes with Tocino Bites, Egg and Green Mango Strips 

The skin is so crunchy! 

They gave us a complimentary serving of Kropek while we wait for our food, which Amber devoured as soon as she saw it. She won’t even let our hands go near the bowl of Kropek. She just handed it to us one by one when we asked. At least nag-share naman. ;-\

What I really commend about this restaurant is the great service! Service staff that go the extra mile to do their job shouldn’t be left unnoticed so I’m going to talk a great length about it!

I like that my SIL who ordered for a bottomless sago and gulaman, doesn’t have to call them to refill her drinks. They came in for a refill as soon as she put down her empty glass.

One of their managers immediately assisted us with Amber’s stroller as we entered the restaurant. He offered us to park it in a nearby empty space himself. In some places, we still had to ask the staff where we can park the stroller. He even offered to throw away the empty disposable cup that I put on the stroller’s cup holder.

They were very attentive to our requests and delivered them promptly.

I hope that they maintain this level of service. Since we, the Hubby and I, didn’t get to eat and order much, we will definitely come back and try more of what they offer. 

Photos From The Past Weekend

Nothing exciting naman about this post except that I had to take a picture of them because they were wearing shirts with the same color and denim bottoms, which I only noticed when I walked behind them! Nag-usap ba sila?!?!

The pictures here were taken at Festival Mall in Alabang when we stopped over to buy some goodies to bring to Nanay for our weekend visit to her.

Amber was so excited being on the walkalator inside Shopwise...

Actually, excited sha everytime nakakakita ng escalator.

At shempre, kung may picture ang mag-ama, dapat ako din no!

Thanks to Daddy whose intention of taking this picture was to get back at me for always
taking his picture without him knowing... buti na lang laging camera-ready ako! Hehe!


Friday, January 27, 2012

Taste Test: Honey Garlic Chicken

Since I’ve been much of a homebody lately, I can’t share stories about places I’ve been to. Well, I’ve never really been to a lot of places naman talaga before. Feel ko lang talaga yung galaan ngayon and since hindi makagala, prisoner ang drama ko. Hay naku, please ignore me na lang when you hear me complain so much. It’s just a phase. Lilipas din ang pagba-baliw-baliwan ko. I hope it’ll be soon, bago pa man ako kainisan ng madlang pipol. ^_^

So I’ll share more of food stuff! Kasi naman what do you do ba when you can’t travel?... You eat! Wehehe!

I also have some Amber stuff but I have yet to pull myself together before I share stories about my toddler who is getting more and more active these past few days. She is learning so much, nakakatuwa! ^_^

Back to the food. I’m sure you have seen the latest Chowking Chef Bowl Special. The Honey Garlic Chicken instantly caught my eye. I don’t know but minus the garlic bits and veggies, it reminded me so much of Bon Chon Chicken. I had to try it!


Nah, it’s a far cry from Bon Chon. I’d still go with Bon Chon though I’m not a big fan of it either. Makes me wonder if it was even right to compare them. Hmmm... kasi they look slightly, just slightly lang naman, the same lalo na with the glaze but they are very different in every ways.

I hope they make the chicken breading crispier. That would be a treat. The chicken would do fine even without the sauce. The sauce... yeah, the sauce! Something about the sauce doesn’t taste right on my palate.

But overall, it was a filling dish. Something that will make you burp after, especially with the help of a glass of a cold soda. ^_^

Thursday, January 26, 2012

A Little Break

Okie-okie... what’s with me and my long absence? Like anybody noticed. *rolling eyes* Lagpas leeg ang workload ko. Grabeh! My busiest time so far. Come to think of it, it’s always like this naman every January of the past years – renewal ng business permit, renewal ng BIR registration, filing ng ganito, filing ng ganyan  aba, pwedeng-pwede na ko magtayo ng sarili kong negosyo ano? I already know the requirements insofar as the government requisites are concerned. Kulang na lang yung pang-invest. Wehehe! The difference this year is that I have other office works to think about since my colleague hasn’t fully recovered from her accident yet. Still no definite date when she’ll be back.

But what I’m seriously mulling about right now is going to some places I’ve never been to. Someplace near lang, tipong di na kailangan ng plane ride. Kahit road trips lang papatulan ko talaga! Kating-kati talaga mga paa ko to travel.

Last night when I got home, an ABS-CBN teleserye was on the TV. What caught my attention are the windmills of Banqui in Pagudpod. Dun yung location nung teleserye! What the... nananadya talaga ano?! Eh di ba nga gusto ko pumunta dun?!?! Ah basta, pupunta talaga ko dun in my lifetime!

Then, I saw these blog posts of fellow n@wies about their trips in Bataan. I’d like to go there, too!

Tapos I’d like to eat sa may Isdaan Floating Restaurant, either in Laguna or Tarlac. Kahit saan, wag lang sa Pluto.

Yun lang! That ends my ramblings. Sino magro-roadtrip jan? Sama nyo ko ha!  ;;)

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Battle of the Fastfoods

When asked which she prefers more between Jollibee and McDonalds, Amber would unfailingly say...


This little girl really has her funny way of saying things. ^_^

Banana Chocnut Trifle

Being at home makes me feel hungry all the time. So I thought of doing this simple recipe that I saw at The Bright Spot blog.

Here’s my version of this dessert.

What to prepare:
- Butter cake slices, cut into ¼ inch cubes
- Banana, cut into thin slices
- Chocnut crumbles
- Whip Cream (I used all purpose cream)
- Vanilla Ice Cream
- Caramel Sauce (which I made by heating butter, brown sugar and all purpose cream. I wasn’t able to measure the portions. I just relied on gut feel :/)

How to arrange it:
- In a glass or mug or a dessert bowl (better if the container is clear for a nicer presentation), put the butter cake cubes, banana slices, chocnut crumbles, a teaspoon of caramel sauce and cover them with cream.
- Make layers and layers until you are almost at the edge of the glass. Then put a dollop of vanilla ice cream. Add a slice of banana and chocnut crumbles on top!
- Enjoy your dessert!

If you want it sweeter, you can add more caramel sauce or lessen it the next time if it turned out too sweet for you. I prefer eating it when all of the ingredients have blended in well together. ^_^

My Long Weekend Sanity-Saver!

It kept me from drowning in despair in the weekend that passed. Eh kasi naman, it was a long weekend since Jan-23 was declared a non-working holiday for the celebration of the Chinese New Year (Gong Xi Fa Cai!!! Kung Hei Fat Choi!!!). Prior to weekend, we had so many plans where to go,... where to eat...

Initially, the Hubby and I planned for an Ilocos Norte road trip. Why there? I want to see windmills!!! I already imagined myself posing with the giant windmills lining up at the background. Kaso humirit si MIL, Baguio na lang daw kasi mainit sa Ilocos... ok payn!

Agree na rin kahit 2 days kong hindi kinibo si Hubby. Hehe! Sa kanya ko ibinuhos ang disappointment ko of not seeing the windmills that weekend. But I was already having mental plans when to go... hintay-hintay ulit ng long weekend! ^_^

Come Friday, the Hubby announced that he needs to oversee a project in Aseana Macapagal. Apparently, they will be suppying materials for the forthcoming Redhorse Muziclaban the following week and the materials will be delivered that Saturday.

When he came home after lunchtime, we were no longer in the mood for a long travel so we just stayed at home. So long first day of the long weekend!

Sunday, the Hubby went to the Fort to bike with his former boss. Surprisingly, he was already home at 10AM! At lunch, we were planning where to go afterwards. He suggested driving to Subic, have a meal and an ice cream snack somewhere there then go back however late it is. The idea was appealing when suddenly, he had a migraine attack. There goes the second day of the long weekend, which seemed not so long anymore. :(

Monday, the day of lion dance and ampaws! At least we went to SM Fairview because we drove Mama to her gym session. Then we had breakfast while waiting, then lunch, then went home.

So what happened with the supposed long weekend? It has slipped away so fast! We didn’t even get the chance to watch any movies. DARN! Buti na lang may natira pa sa pinadalang TRUFFLES ni SIL! Sad ako! So I munched quite a fair amount of it... half a pack siguro. It made me happy at least... AND HEAVIER BY A FEW POUNDS!!! OH WELL! ^_^ 

Monday, January 16, 2012

Street Foods Galore!

Yesterday was my parents-in-law’s wedding anniversary so we went to Ever Memorial Garden to visit Papa.

On our way there, we stopped at every store that sells STREET FOODS!!! So our table were filled with yummy street delights...
Clockwise from top: Turon, Kwek-kwek, Scramble, Lumpiang Togue,
Squid Balls, Banana Cue, Steamed Corn on Cob.

We jokingly told Mama that this is the best celebration ever when it comes to foods! Seriously, we all enjoyed eating variety of street foods that day! ^_^

Oopsie, Amber wasn’t allowed to eat anything that was on the table. She was only there to pose for the camera, as usual!

By the way, she has learned the habit of saying "no, not for kids!", when we test her by offering her softdrinks or junkfoods. Boy, I’m so glad that she is taking in the things we teach her. At least, I can be confident that she is not sneakingly eating junkfoods when I’m not around. ^_^

Don’t worry kiddo, you will get to taste these too when you’re all grown up. Let’s wait until then. ^_^

Amber Hits The Drums!

Nanay supports Amber’s enthusiasm for music! See what she gave her as a post-Christmas gift...

She said she has been looking around malls to find a drum set for her only apo. Ever since she heard her granddaughter hum along performances she’d seen on TV and how she stared at the performers playing with their instruments, Nanay believed that Amber will be a musician one day. Opo, mas exagge sa pagiging stage-grandmother and Nanay ko!

So there, Amber finally got her first drum set! Tuwang-tuwa ang bagets. Pero in fairness ha, well, I’m not saying this because I’m her mom but the first time she held the sticks and hit the drums, may rhythm nga! Nanay was quick to say, “sabi sa inyo, may talent sha for music eh!”. Sige na nga po, sino ba kokontra?! Haha!

Because the drums are pink, she looked at her Dad and said, “Daddy, quitar pink din ha!”. Wahahaha! Oo nga naman, para terno ba!

Here, she found another use for the box.

I didn’t know where she learned about the violin, but I often see her doing this with her guitar...

Whachutink? Are you thinking of what I'm thinking?!? Will she really be? If ever, she would be the first in the family. San ko kaya sha dadalhin for auditions? Hahaha! Better to plan ahead, davah?. ^_^

Our New Travel Companion

In preparation for our summer plans *excity-excity*, we finally bought the Silver Cross FIZZ Eclipse stroller that I’ve been drooling about, for Amber. 
Err, pardon the background... ^_^

I’m so glad that the Hubby finally convinced me we decided to buy it 2 weekends ago (yeah, late post :() because it was already the last stock other than the one on display. The other stock has just been bought an hour before us. As in the owner was only about to pick it up when we got there.

I’d really be disappointed if we will not be able to get the exact same model.

I like its color and very classy look. The seat is reversible. If you get tired of the black seat cover, just flip it and you’ll have a light gray one!

It’s very compact. Folding it is easy. It has a shoulder strap to make carrying it when climbing a few flights of stairs effortless.

It has a cup holder, although it can only hold up to 6 oz., okay na din.

It has a removable canopy.
I wasn't able to take a picture without the canopy. :(

There is a detached rain cover in case it drizzles.

There is a basket under the seat, which the Hubby’s family commented to be small but just enough size for me. Sanay kasi kami na we put everything we buy on the stroller kaya gusto yung malaki ang basket. Oo na! Next time, bibili tayo ng sarili nating shopping cart. LOL!

Plus it’s super affordable! *grin*

There is only one thing that I didn’t like about it. 

It looks like the entire stroller is tilted too backwards looking as if it will topple when pushed. But when we seated Amber on it, it was stable naman. Yun lang, you cannot put a bag at the back when the seat is empty otherwise, the weight of the bag will really make the stroller fall over. 

But I can live with that. Basta I am super happy with it! Sha na ang bago kong bestfriend sa lakwachahan! Hubby is happy too because it eats up lesser space in the car and it’s easier and lighter to carry.

I asked nga pala the sales person for an extra bigger box where we can put Amber’s old travel system. He was super nice naman to look one in the storage room for me. Masaya si kuya kasi nakadami sha ng sales tonight. Hehe! 

Amber is as happy as we are. She didn't put up a fight when we sat her on the stroller. And she did stay there while we stroll around until we got to the car. Relax na relax lang ang bagets. ^_^

Friday, January 13, 2012

Man’s Bestfriend Is A Kid’s Bestfriend, Too

Before I transferred to the Hubby’s family house in 2009, I lived all my life surrounded with dogs! My family just loves dogs. There was not a time we never had a dog in the house who walk freely around (yes, we never put a leash on them!).

We purposely didn't take in pedigree dogs though because of their very high maintenance. We stick to half-breed to native dogs and they are just as adorable!

Having a soft spot for this domesticated animal, I wanted to share with you pictures from a forwarded email that the Hubby’s aunt sent me this morning. They’re so cute that I simply can’t resist from having them land a spot in this blog. ^_^

Thursday, January 12, 2012

More Chipmunks Story

It didn’t occur to me that the two consecutive nights that the Hubby and I brought the Chipmunks toys in the house would make Amber look forward to our nightly arrivals.

Unfortunately, we weren’t able to pass by any McDonalds on the way home on the 3rd night. I thought it will not be a big deal for her as she already has 2 Chipmunks toys to look for more.

When I opened the gate, there was this smiling girl who gave out a loud "HI!", hurried towards me and gave me a kiss – without me asking yet! You know that she's up to something because we usually have to constantly ask her for a kiss when we arrive.

Then it was followed by, “Mommy, where’s toy?”.

Ouch! She did remember and she was anticipating. She even looked inside my bag. I had to talk to her and explain that we did not have any. I couldn’t take the sad look on her face so I made a promise to bring her another toy the next day.

So ayan... there are Chipmunks everywhere in the house!
Team Chipettes & Team Chipmunks

They're having a friendly great time!

Note to self: Bringing of toys and books for the little girl must not be done every night or she will think of it as a routine and expect that there will be a pasalubong everytime we arrive. Okay lang kung meron, eh pano kung wala? **I cannot stand seeing her so disappointed.** She must learn that pasalubongs are treats and surprises that she can only have once in a while. Teka, sino ba ang dapat turuan -- yung anticipating toddler o yung spoiler na parents?!?

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